The Tools You Need To Keep Your Garden In Shape This Summer

The summer is nearly here and the sun is shining, which means it’s time to head into the garden and spend hours making things look nice and pretty for the months ahead. If you are going to run a successful garden then there are certain tools and equipment that are needed to make sure you can keep the upkeep going with the minimum of effort.

In order to maintain a flower bed, rockery or vegetable patch, there are a few core tools that are always needed. First of all a good solid pair or secateurs are needed for pruning dead heads and taking out small branches. For the keen to professional gardener the most suitable pair would be the Felco Professional (Number 7) which has a pivoting handle creating less stress on the hand during heavy use. For less frequent use a pair Fiskars Chunky Secateurs would be ideal. These come in a choice of sizes depending to suit the both the users hand and also the size of the material being cut.

Another tool vital is a good pair of loppers for removing large boughs. One of the most versatile tools for this would be the Wolf Telescopic Bypass Lopper. This one is particularly useful because of its adjustable handles which can be extended to reach higher up and further away without having to overstretch.

The final cutting tool that is particularly useful is the Felco Pruning Saw which is ideal for taking out the largest of branches, because this is extremely useful in awkward places and with the blade being extremely sharp time is saved when pruning.

A must have is a pair of grass shears or even a couple of different pairs for different jobs. Grass shears come in several forms starting with a single handed grass shear which may suit people with dexterity problems. The traditional two handed grass shear is by still the most popular in the market place for cutting back large areas of grass and then there’s the long handled edging shear for tidying up around the lawn once it has been mown.

For whatever garden, large or small a quality trowel and hand fork is a must, and nothing beats the Fiskars Stainless Steel Soft Grip range. These tools will most likely be the most used in any garden shed so need to be strong, robust and built to last because hardly a day will go past when you won’t be weeding, tidying, transplanting or potting.

A final word has to be said about the Wolf Multi-Change range which isn’t one particular tool but consists of a choice of handles and then a selection of around 50 different attachments to cover everything from a hoe through to a scarifier. The advantages of opting for this range are firstly space saving, but also money saving because you aren’t purchasing extra handles. You can start off with the bare essentials and slowly add to the range as needs be. A person who uses the Wolf range never goes back to more traditional individual tools.


You can usually find me in the garden up to my elbows in soil and foliage. I'm always in my garden rummaging through the shrubs, planting seasonal plants and discarding the unwanted weeds. My blogs will consist of my gardening adventures; providing you with top tips and handy guides to help you get your garden blossoming in no time.

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