Taking the shears to our Garden tool prices

Now is a cracking time to save some serious money on Gardening Tools with Philip Morris And Son, with prices dropped and the range increasing.

For gardeners everywhere its pruning time and to get you off to an outstanding start, leading online garden tool supplier Philip Morris & Son have taken the shears to prices on their garden tool range from Fiskars.

With discounts of around 40% across many parts of the range, they have been able to prune back prices on many items, including pruners, shears and loppers.

Fiskars have been one of the premier brands of gardening tool for generations, trusted by gardeners for their usability and longevity. This kind of design and quality doesn’t come cheap, and to find their products at these outstanding prices is unusual, and bound to be especially welcome by consumers in these hard times.

And it’s not just pruning kit that’s on offer.

With Christmas and the spring beyond in mind the offers have been extended to included edging shears, spades and forks, telescopic cutters and more.

Stocks are limited and demand for the Christmas season bound to be huge, so get in quick for a garden bargain this autumn by visiting their website or phoning their online sales team on 01432 377 089.


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