Pancake Day: Sweet Or Savory? You Decide

Philip Morris and Son Pancake Day Blog!

Pancakes here… Pancakes there… Pancakes for everyone! Chocolate and Blood Orange Pancakes If you’ve got a sweet tooth and simply cannot resist a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce with your pancakes then this sugary, yet zesty, treat is for you… Ingredients: 125 g Flour 2 Eggs 220 ml Milk 75 g…

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Great British Game Week – Gamekeeper’s Pie

Gamekeeper’s Pie Recipe – Celebrate Great British Game Week with this gamey take on the good old heart-warming Shepherd’s Pie Ingredients 800g of game meat – whatever is in season (you could even mix it) 1 white, 1 red onion, chopped 115g of carrots (chopped how you like them) 2 garlic…

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