Spring Has Sprung And I Am Back

Spring has sprung and I am back

March 2016

Hello, well, it is has been quite a time since I last wrote my Mrs Jones’ blog but it has not been because I have been idle. But rather I have been very busy. Mr Jones and I had our little girl. She decided to arrive a little early and so we spent over 50 days in Hereford SCBU with her. Due to her being a preemie over the last year she has had a few problems with her breathing when she gets a cough or cold. Yet this little girl is such a fighter and doing so well that you now can’t tell she was so tiny. I have also gone back to work…. (much harder than people make out). So life/work has taken a back seat, but now spring has sprung in Hereford, I decided it was time for me to concentrate on the blog.

Since I last wrote we have also added another springer to our family; that now makes three cats, two springers and our 4 remaining chickens who don’t really lay but have been promised a retirement at our home.

There have been lots going on with the husband and the family business. At the beginning of this year we purchased a new warehouse which needed completely renovating. This followed a very busy Christmas and lots more staff joining within the Philip Morris family. It certainly is a busy but rewarding time for all involved. It is now time to start the show prep for the busy season for country shows that we go to. I believe that this year we have four shows over the summer months and it would be great if you can pop along and say hello to us there.

I will make sure that I keep blogging and letting you know what is going on in Hereford and with the Philip Morris & Son business.

Mrs Jones and the family

Mrs Jones and the family

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones (wife to Bruce Jones, Managing Partner) I will be writing blogs surrounding household products from Philip Morris and Son that I use in the comfort of my own home. I will be providing you with top tips and guides, as well as keeping you all up to date with the latest local news... Stay tuned!

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