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Samuel Heath started out as a brass founder in Birmingham in 1820. Over the decades they have manufactured an array of top quality goods including bedsteads, giftware, fireside accessories and architectural ironmongery such as letter plates and door handles. From the very start, quality and performance has been a vital part of Samuel Heath’s ethos – for example, instead of welding their shower baskets together they are crimped which means they will last a lot longer than inferior welded products. The quality of Samuel Heath’s products is unquestionable, using the very best solid brass which is sourced from Northern Europe and a seamless combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional, time-honoured methods to create beautiful bathroom accessories. Individual components are precision machined to ensure strength and reliability, certain parts of Samuel Heath’s innovative and intricate designs simply cannot be hand crafted, however all products are hand polished to a super smooth finish which allows superior adhesion of the electroplating which finished every product. The plating process incorporates 34 different processes which includes a copper layer for durability which is then allied with nickel, then the finish of the product is applied in a series of stages and undergoes several washes and rinses until the lustrous finish Samuel Heath are renowned for is achieved. Although it is a rarity in this day and age, Samuel Heath products are all made in Britain, something which we are as proud of as they are.

Xenon Bathroom AccessoriesSamuel Heath’s juxtaposition of traditional and modern methods extends throughout the entire manufacturing process and this is reflected in their environmentally responsible approach to sourcing material and production. Sustainability is more important than ever and 80% of the raw materials and packaging used by Samuel Heath is made from recycled materials, without compromising the quality of the products and retaining the integrity they have always been known for. Samuel Heath do not outsource any aspect of production and therefore have complete control over everything including design, manufacture and finishing. Samuel Heath operate several innovative programmes and initiatives; energy consumption and waste levels are carefully monitored at the factory in Birmingham along with water recycling and brass reprocessing programmes being implemented to ensure efficiency and social responsibility.

Novis Bathroom AccessoriesSamuel Heath’s bathroom accessories are available in several different design ranges, which vary from traditional, classic designs to modern, contemporary styles. The Xenon range is perfect for lovers of minimalist design, offering a clean and simple geometric form. The Skye range is a break away from the formulaic by featuring a unique back plate that is a visually integral part of the product. This collection of accessories has postmodernist qualities where organic lines actually sit perfectly with strongly defined angles creating a clean yet curvilinear product line. With the Fairfield range, Samuel Heath has revitalised the traditions of the Arts and Crafts and Aesthetic movements, this ethos has resulted in finely crafted pieces that have established a simplified, popular and highly visual look. The Novis range is able to fit comfortably into both traditional and contemporary environments, it features a concealed fixing back plate. The elegant lines of the stylish and substantial Curzon range are given a classical quality by the use of exposed screws to fix the back plate. The Series 7000 and the Series 8000 ranges offer cutting-edge design to capture today’s modern look.

Fairfield Bathroom AccessoriesThe ranges available from Samuel Heath incorporate everything you need to accessorise the bathroom. The uniformity and style offered from Samuel Heath’s ranges will undoubtedly look splendid in modern and traditional bathroom settings alike. Bathroom storage is important and Samuel Heath offer a variety of solutions; freestanding trolleys, wall-mounted shelving, shower baskets and towel storage all work towards a composed and tidy bathroom. Towel rings, rails and shelves allow a variety of different sized towels to be displayed ready for use. Samuel Heath manufacture glass and metal shelves which are suitable for use in any area of the bathroom. Soap dishes and dispensers offer versatile soap storage, dependent on whether you prefer a traditional bar of soap or liquid soap. Tumblers and toothbrush holders are available to accessorise the sink or hand basin, saving the sides of the sink from residue and keeping your bathroom clean and tidy. Toilet paper holders across the ranges either use spring-loaded rollers or a simple arm hanging technique, Samuel Heath also offer spare roll holders to store extra rolls in style. Cotton wool holders, shaving sets and robe hooks are available to add the finishing touches to the range you have chosen. Samuel Heath’s products are all guaranteed for 10 years against defects in workmanship and material, however they also offer a comprehensive range of spare or replacement parts for many of their products, allowing you to renovate your bathroom accessories when they eventually need it.

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