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Roper Rhodes began life in 1979 in Bath, England and over the years they have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bathroom accessories. The ranges on offer incorporate both contemporary and classic designs and Roper Rhodes constantly update their ranges to meet changes in demand and style. Whichever range you choose, you can be sure it has been developed to the highest possible standard. Roper Rhodes have a range of toilet seats including white thermoset plastic seats and a good selection of wooden toilet seats which vary from light pine to dark mahogany. All of Roper Rhodes toilet seats are available with soft-close hinges which prevent the seat from slamming down loudly.

Thermoset Toilet Seats

Roper Rhodes wooden toilet seats are available in 2 styles – veneered MDF or solid wood. The range of colours includes shades of walnut, mahogany, beech, oak and painted white seats. The hinges are made from solid brass and are chrome plated as standard although they are available in gold PVD coated, PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition which uses a group of vacuum coating techniques that are used to deposit thin film coatings that enhance the properties and performance. The thermoset white toilet seats are durable, hygienic and long-lasting. Thermosetting plastic is a polymer material that is liquid at low temperatures but cures irreversibly at high temperatures which results in a strong and solid material which is less likely to crack or break than inferior materials because the technique used eliminates imperfections in the plastic. An anti-bacterial additive is incorporated into the plastic during production which helps maintain the seat by impeding the spread of bacterial cultures. The thermoset seats also have UV protection which prevents discolouration. Roper Rhodes toilet seats are designed to fit all standard toilets (unless stated) and are easy to install, there are a wide variety of designs and styles across the ranges to suit your personal preference. The thermoset range includes wrap-around style seats such as the Curve, Define and Juno, along with the semi wrap-around Mercury seat and the curved wrap Zenith. Slim profile seats including the Infinity and the ultra low-profile Stealth toilet seats offer subtlety and finesse. The wooden toilet seat range features an array of classic designs, each with its own subtle differences and nuances. Roper Rhodes wooden toilet seats have superb matching between the hardwearing, impact resistant faces (seat and lid) resulting in a comfortable and wobble-free finish.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Roper Rhodes have a fantastic collection of bathroom accessories which encompasses several classic and contemporary design ranges. Classic, elegant and timeless ranges such as the Lincoln, Wessex and Avening embody the combination of style and practicality that is essential when it comes to bathroom accessories. Contemporary ranges such as the Halo, Stream and Ignite feature clean lines and a minimalistic approach to design which would suit a modern bathroom perfectly. Other ranges intended for a modern bathroom or washrooms include the distinctive, futuristic Horizon and Stream ranges and the smooth, precise Minima and Glide ranges. Each range features everything needed to fully accessorise your bathroom wall-to-wall. Shower baskets and shelves offer great storage solutions for toiletries and bathroom products. Stylish and convenient wall-mounted soap dishes and dispensers can be fitted near the sink or shower for handy storage of your favourite soap. Towel rings and rails will neatly display various sizes of bathroom towels for easy access and robe hooks can be used to hang your bathrobe in style. Toilet roll holders across the ranges feature either fixed arm or spring-loaded versions for use in the bathroom or a separate WC. Whether you are putting together a complete collection or just getting started with a few accessories, the Roper Rhodes bathroom accessories collection truly has something for everyone.

Roper Rhodes Bathroom Accessories

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