Robert Welch knives

Robert Welch

Robert Welch Signature Knives are known for being some of the best in the world. Here we will look at a brief history of the company, what makes the knives so exceptional, and the different types of knives you can choose.

1955 – Robert Welch rented a room at the Old Silk Mill in Chipping Campden, after he graduated from the Royal College of Art, where he began designing products.

1969 – Welch believed that to understand what people want is to meet them, which is why he opened up his first shop in Chipping Campden.

1975 – Welch designed the famous Kitchen Devils Professional Knives.

2005 – the Robert Welch team set out to design the best knives in the world. These were launched in 2009 and have been rated in the top 1% for sharpness and sharpness retention.

Robert Welch Designing

  • The Robert Welch Signature Knives have a lifetime guarantee
  • Robert Welch knives are fully forged – this means they are made out of 1 piece of steel (see image above)
  • A bolster provides added strength for tough cutting – this is the thicker piece of metal between the handle and the blade
  • There is a full tang – this means that there is a full piece of steel in the handle
  • The curved handle makes it easier when chopping/cutting: you don’t have to cut with the knife hanging over the counter because the handle won’t touch the surface as you use it, and you won’t hit your knuckles on the surface
  • These knives won’t rust as they have been electro-polished (dipped in acid and given an electric charge)
  • Robert Welch knives are dishwasher safe although hand washing is recommended
  • The handheld knife sharpener is a big investment, it doesn’t grind off the knife like other sharpeners, but straightens the blade back out. The ceramic wheel of the sharpener is dishwasher safe and should last at least 3 years. The wheel can be easily replaced, and is sold separately
  • Unlike Global knives which are designed for Asian style cooking, Robert Welch knives can be used for all types of food without any problems
  • Robert Welch knives have been endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, receiving their highest grade possible

Types of Knives

  • Paring: for preparing, i.e. shallots, garlic etc. and can also be used for peeling. Sizes 8cm, 10cm
  • Kitchen/Utility: great for salads, peppers, onion and meat such as chicken. Sizes 12cm, 14cm
  • Cook: an all-rounder. Sizes 12cm (with a small handle – great for small hands) 14cm (their bestseller), 18cm
  • Santoku: For Asian style cooking – slice, dice & chop. Bevelled to cut thinner and quicker, you can also keep the nib of the knife on the surface while in use. Sizes 14cm, 17cm
  • Filleting: a flexible knife for filleting meat or fish. Size 16cm
  • Serrated: used for sawing – pastry, bread, tomatoes or any food with a tough outer and soft inside. This knife never needs sharpening. Size 12cm
  • Carving: for joints of meat. Size 23cm


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