Review – The Galway boot from Dubarry of Ireland

fDubarry of Ireland began life in 1937 as makers of high quality leather shoes, so it is unsurprising that one of their best loved products is the iconic Galway boot. A classic unisex design, these boots are designed to withstand anything you can throw at them (which makes them perfect for a typical British summer)!

Each component of the Galway has been rigorously tested to ensure that it will be as rugged and comfortable as possible. Starting at the base of the Galway, the durable rubber soles are directly moulded to the leather upper to create a watertight seal. This means that your feet are more likely to remain dry whilst walking through a muddy puddle or checking a water obstacle, compared with other boots held together with glue or stitches.  To ensure that you can wear these all day, the rubber outsole has been combined with a spongy polyurethane innersole to cushion your feet.

Next up is the GORE-TEX® lining. Like the moulded rubber sole, it is another element that Dubarry have added to keep your feet as dry as possible by ensuring that no moisture can penetrate through the boot, whilst wicking away perspiration. No wonder GORE-TEX® is known as the ultimate waterproof membrane!

And finally we come to the extra special leather that is used on these boots. It has been tanned and treated in a way that is unique to all Dubarry leathers. These processes strengthen the leather and make it much more supple, with the added benefit that it absorbs much less water than other leather boots. The Dubarry website even states that it takes 70% less time to dry naturally than other types of leather!

Dubarry colours

A wide range of colour variations are available

However, the Galway boot is not just substance. The boot is constructed from a combination of both smooth and crushed leather, which give the classic riding boot design a distinctly Dubarry twist. There are a variety of colour combinations to choose from including the iconic Walnut boot, and a couple of new colour variations will be added in AW14. Add some subtle Dubarry branding on the side, and these beautiful boots definitely stand out from a crowd!

The combination of perfect styling and perfect substance means that these little beauties will see you through almost every occasion (the ballet may be an exception)! They are amazing with leggings whilst walking the dog through a muddy country lane, they would look awesome with jeans for a rain drenched festival and they would stand their own worn down Oxford Street (once you’ve washed off all the mud from the previous events)!

But don’t just take my word about the greatness of these boots. Our customers consistently give the Galway boot top marks in their reviews, praising their superb quality and great fit. One even goes as far as to say they are the only boot to have! As Dubarry have recently introduced ExtraFit™ and SlimFit™ versions alongside the standard width, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to a pair!


John Jones in Managing Partner at Philip Morris & Son. As a keen driven game shooter he takes a hands on role in selection and development of the Philip Morris & Son Country Clothing range. With a combination of technical, industry and user knowledge this puts John in a unique position to share his knowledge of the best and worst products available.


  1. Perhaps he should wear the boots a little more often.
    I am now on my third pair, two replaced by the maker because each has fallen apart.
    I know of none whose boots do not leak after three years, if worn regularly two is more likely.
    For the price not a bargin.

    • Hi Malcolm,
      Thank you for your comment,
      We’re sorry to learn that your Dubarry’s have developed a fault so soon. We put our absolute trust into Dubarry footwear so it is a rarity to see these faults occur.
      Dubarry do provide a post-warranty repair service should you wish to revive the quality of your boots. I have provided a link below:
      We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 🙂

      • Megan, I’m surprised you say that it’s a rarity to see faults with Dubarry. Their reviews are full of them, mainly splitting seams where the stitching is poor and soles detaching. The quality is not as it was since production moved. My own split on the flex point as well as the seam coming apart. Dubarry say the leather will dry out if they get wet regularly which is fine but it’s scarcely practical to re-oil your boots every time they are worn. My experience is that these are great fashion boots or good for watching a game of rugby but not much use as a proper country boot unless you love cleaning and oiling boots

      • Lol no you don’t my wife’s sister had her’s soles fall apart
        My wife’s new Dubarry Jumper was a Christmas present is falling apart.. Absolutely rubbish

        • Hi Rob,

          Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.

          Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Dubarry Jumper.

          We advise returning it to the store it was purchased from with your receipt.

          All products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

          We hope this helps. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  2. Hi, I have a pair of Dubarry Galway boots, purchased for my 40th Birthday, just over 10 years ago, which are still functional, waterproof and going strong – I just love them. the only downside is the wide calf as i have slim long legs, , I see you now do a slim calf version and I am very tempted to treat myself to a new pair, but have heard many reports that since the manufacturing is now in Portugal not Ireland, the “build quality ” is not the same as my original boots and I really do not want to be dissapointed . i am happy to send you photos of my fantastic boots which have weathered extremely well in all weather, shooting, walking and riding .

    • Hi Julia, thank you for your message.
      We are so pleased to hear how long your Dubarry boots have lasted and it truly shows that these boots are a great investment! Dubarry boots have been manufactured in Portugal for a long time now and over the 10 years that we have been retailing Dubarry, we have very rarely received any complaints from our customers regarding the build quality so we hope this reassures you that they are still a great boot! 🙂

  3. I purchased a pair of dubarry Kildare boots and all the creams and conditioners . They have mounded soles. I use them regularly but lightly. The boots look pretty ‘mint, and the soles as well except for a bit of wear on the rear heels. Then on the right boot l noticed that there was a gap of 3 inches or 75 mm between the top sole and the bottom sole, and also an area on the side of the same boot about 40 mm is coming apart. There is no damage from a foreign object, the sole is coming apart. They cost £275 and are two years old, the sole is detaching only on one boot. I contacted dubarry by email to their repair department, with photographs (6) and there response was from Debbie in c/s that their quality department had examined the damage under the complaint that the sole had broken down and while polyurethane midsoles add greatly to the comfort, they can on rare occasions break down under a chemical reaction called Hydrolysis after many years normally, although it may be accelerated through storage in a humid area or lack of use. I was told not repairable and offered 20% off another pair. I have never heard of a sole becoming detached through lack of use, and they were never stored in a humid area. As regards 20% off, l anticipate that would be forthcoming from any retailer. I don’t anticipate buying dubarry boots again, l had a look on line it seems the company was bought out in Ireland by the finance director, who after failing to restructure/reduce the wages of manufacturing workers moved production to Portugal and introduced unrepairable moulded soles, significantly cheaper to make than stitched but still sold at top end price. Many only seem to last 12 months before leaking.

  4. My Galway boots were only worn on days when I went shooting for the last 3 seasons. Recently I noticed the right boot was leaking although there was no obvious fault. I returned them to the country sports shop that I purchased them from and they sent them back to Dubarry. A week later I got a call to say that Dubarry were sending a brand new pair which I now have. I was disappointed that they had effectively only lasted for 30-40 days of use despite being cleaned and treated each time I wore them.
    Obviously delighted that they were replaced but we’ll have to see how long this new pair last. By contrast I have some Beretta walking boots that were half the price and I wear constantly in all weathers which have never leaked.

  5. Both my wife and I have a pair, both are used heavily but are cleaned and treated regularly. My wife’s boots are three years old, the leather cracked after 18 months and they leak; my boots started to leak after 20 months. I spent time in the army and used goretex lined boots there. Much heavier use but no leaks – the Dubarry boots seem to me to be poorly made, using low quality material. They’re definitely not a welly alternative. Seems the high price is simply a marketing ploy to persuade buyers that they’re good quality. Don’t be fooled, they aren’t.

  6. My friend had some of the original boots they were great, the new stuff is such low quality god only knows where they make it now. Very sad

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