Philip Morris & Son – One Of The Small Biz 100!

Small Biz 100 List:

This year not only is Philip Morris and Son participating in the much anticipated day that is Small Business Saturday, (on the 5th of December), we have also been nominated as a Small Biz 100! This is fantastic news for us, and most definitely a momentous occasion for us to remember and cherish.

“Happy customers are the reason we have been in business for the last 170 years, and they are happy because we enjoy what we do. Applying values based on good old fashioned customer service, and creating an ethos that proves you can be successful and have fun doing it.” – Managing Partner, John Jones.

(We’re not only extremely happy (and excited!) for ourselves, but for a fellow Herefordian local business; The Great British Florist! Who have also been named as a 2015 Small Biz 100).

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is a non-profit, grassroots campaign that has been compiled of a team of highly skilled and experienced members within the world of retail. This fantastic organisation makes it their priority to try and encourage shoppers to support small and independent businesses in their local area.

Slowly climbing into their third birthday Small Business Saturday have been, and are continuing to, pave the way for small businesses all over the country. Since their first year, back in 2013, figures have sky rocketed for independent firms across the nation.

Plus it isn’t just shops that have a physical foundation that get all of the recognition; Small Business Saturday strongly supports ‘mixed variety’. As an organisation they fully believe in equal opportunities for online businesses too! A significant chunk of the Small Biz 100 list is made up of unique online companies that have been able to create an exceptional online presence.

In the past 3 years Small Business Saturday has grown into a huge event across the UK, it’s a date that every independent establishment has marked in their calendars. Thanks to their constant outpouring of positivity and support via their website, social media stream, and active schedules to meet and greet small business owners (you may have seen the big blue bus pass by your area recently!).

This year Small Business Saturday will be taking place on the 5th of December. To celebrate this incredible day, we are giving our customers the opportunity to get their hands on a Le Chameau tie at no cost! See below for details:

Philip Morris and Son Small Business Saturday Special Offer!

*Stock is subject to availability. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

It’s important that we all remember that Small Business Saturday is not solely focused on one day a year, for our city to thrive we should consider shopping locally all year round (especially at Christmas!). It’s one of a kind businesses that make our city unique, and are what attract people to our area… They are what make Herefordshire beautiful!


I will be keeping you up to date with all of the latest company news and buzz surrounding Philip Morris and Son. So if you want to stay in the loop, then keep an eye out for my regular blog posts.

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