New Year 2017

New Year 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our Philip Morris family and friends. Yes, I know it is March and I am a little late but the start of this year has been hectic. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and the girls had a fantastic time together.  2017 is going to bring a lot of changes to our home as we are building an extension. The start of the year has taken up much of my time with building suppliers and getting to grips with a completely different discipline. I have become obsessed with insulation and concrete!

The Jones Family

A Trip to Auntie Emma’s and Uncle Tom’s

January and February was a time to see family. So, we took a weekend trip to Melton Mowbray to see Auntie Emma and Uncle Tom. The girls had a fabulous time. We went to visit the local calves which Willow was unsure of at first, but managed to go and say hello once Daddy had lifted her up. We also went for lots of walks and saw a bird hide. Willow was not the quietest and so we didn’t see many birds.

We sent Auntie Emma and Willow on the mission to assess the local playgrounds, whilst Niamh had a power nap in the car! I think the assessment was positive given the squeals and screams of delights I could hear.

Willow and Auntie EmmaVisiting The Local CalvesFamily Bird Watching and Walking

4 Special Birthdays

For us February and March is a time for birthday celebrations. We all celebrated Granny’s, Grandad’s, Jack’s, and Auntie Nicki’s birthdays.

We have started going swimming with the girls and they seem to adore it (plus I love the fact that it wears them out ready for a nice long afternoon nap!)

March is going to bring a lot of change to the household with the building work, but we are looking forward to the nice weather so that we can get out and about in Hereford. We have started spotting snow drops and daffodils on our travels; so we are very much looking forward to long walks in the woods, discovering more spring flowers as we go. Let’s hope there’s no more snow, even if it is fun to see the dogs scamper about in it.

Roll on spring!

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones (wife to Bruce Jones, Managing Partner) I will be writing blogs surrounding household products from Philip Morris and Son that I use in the comfort of my own home. I will be providing you with top tips and guides, as well as keeping you all up to date with the latest local news... Stay tuned!

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