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Musto are continually working on the types of fabrics they use to ensure the best quality, results and protection for the wearer. Musto design technical clothing for the Shooting, Sailing and Equestrian markets, which means that they have to stand up to critical tests, allowing them to have a competitive stance within the market. Musto obviously put a lot of thought into their clothing, and what is needed for them to withstand the elements, and any sporting activities. It is therefore no surprise that are the official clothing supplier to sailing’s Team Skandia GBR. Two of the standout technologies Musto uses in their clothing are OutDry® and the D3O® Recoil Pad.


OutDry® is a patented technology which provides a waterproof protection barrier to boots and shoes. It works by laminating the waterproof, breathable membrane directly to the external layer of the boot. This is remarkably different from other waterproofing processes because it means that there is no air gap left between the outer of the boot and the waterproof membrane, which occurs when using other waterproof liners. This means that the shoe lasts longer, as no water gets in, and moisture is able to escape.

The new season Musto Buckden Boot now uses an OutDry® liner instead of GORE-TEX® ensuring it not only stays waterproof, but that it will last longer because the leather won’t be able to store water between the membrane and the outer of the boot. The Musto Arncliffe Country Ankle Boot also comes with an OutDry® lining, and OutDry® is featured  in Musto’s new Country Gloves to ensure they are breathable, water and windproof. It is likely that Musto will expand their use of OutDry®, and the prospects of what that could mean to waterproofing and fabric technology will be exciting to see. For more information on OutDry® please follow the links to view the following videos:

The OutDry® Process

The Benefits of OutDry®

D3O® Recoil Pad

The D3O® Recoil Pad is a shock absorber which is used in Musto’s range of clay Shooting Jackets. The Pad contains intelligent molecules, and is far more flexible than foam pads. The D3O® moves with the wearer, and the way it works means that the molecules lock on impact forming a bond which absorbs the shock. The D3O® Recoil Pad has been proven to work better than 14 and 7mm  Polyethylene foam, 6mm EVA, and 6mm Neoprene.

We also stock the Musto D3O® Recoil Shield which is worn over the top of your clothing when shooting. It is reversible, allowing it to be worn by left and right handed shooters, has a non-slip suede surface, an adjustable strap and is machine washable.

The shield is good for warmer days when you may not want to wear a jacket, or you want to place it under your jacket if you have nothing to absorb the shock from the recoil of clay shooting.

The D3O® Recoil Pad comes with the Shield, and can be purchased instore, or online.


I am the Clothing and Gunroom Manager. I have been working for Philip Morris and Son for over 30 years. Throughout my time here I have gained valuable and extensive knowledge surrounding all things to do with country clothing and field sports. When I'm not at work you can find me out in the field putting all of our latest shooting clothing and equipment to the test.

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