Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration – Give Mum A Treat!

So, 2014 is well in swing. We’re nearly a quarter of the way through yet another year that is whizzing by, right before our eyes! Time baffles me; my time bewilderment was particularly apparent when it came to my attention that it’s nearly Mother’s Day… again? I’m sure the last one was only a few months ago?!

Anyway, as I’m sure you’re aware of by now, Mother’s Day is only two weeks away – Sunday 30th March. Now you know with two weeks to spare, there is no excuse when it comes to surprising your Mum. Make a pledge now, not to buy the over-priced, wilted flowers, or reduced-from-Christmas chocolates from the garage on Sunday morning!

Mothers Day Gift Guide
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are my top picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas, I’ve tried to take into account all budgets and attempted to think outside the box a little bit, although Mum’s do appreciate a traditional present just as much…

All mum’s love tea and coffee, it’s just a fact. So what better way to show your appreciation than giving your Mum her new favourite mug? And if she doesn’t like tea or coffee, I’m sure it will hold her wine perfectly well too!

Cath Kidston have some delightful patterns, all made with 100% fine china…

Cath Kidston Mugs, a great gift for Mother's Day

Emma Bridgewater has designed these Floral Mugs with charming flower prints that are so Spring inspired, they couldn’t be any more perfect for Mother’s day. Plus, if any of these feature your Mum’s favourite flower, how lovely would it be to pair it up with a bunch of them? Giving your mum her favourite flowers, with her new favourite mug, with pictures of her favourite flowers on! It has to be her favourite then, right?

Emma Bridgewater Floral Mugs - what's your Mum's favourite flower?

Emma Bridgewater 'Mummy'Mug with polka-hearts

For those of you who have little ones you buy Mother’s day gifts on behalf of, this Emma Bridgewater ‘Mummy’ Mug is ideal (last mug, I promise!). It really is lovely, and guaranteed she will still love it even if you’re 30 years old – although that’s a little weird!

Okay, so my next gift idea is a little pricey, but totally worth it. It has to be viewed as an investment, and consider your return to be cakes. Not just any cakes though, the lightest, airiest cakes you will ever taste! So if your Mum loves to bake, she will absolutely adore you forever if you get her a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. Be sure to get it in a colour that will match her kitchen…

KitchenAid Artisan Mixers in Six Vibrant Colours

Staying in the baking bubble, for a little less expensive but ever so thoughtful gift, you could put together a baking gift hamper with lots of little goodies in. If you look through our Cake Decorating, Cake Cutters and Baking Equipment pages you will find lots of baking essentials starting from just 55p! Fill a wicker basket full of cutter shapes, wooden spoons, colourful measuring spoons, a whisk, unique cupcake cases, a rolling pin, decorating tools etc, and top with a bow! She’ll love it…

Cake Tins and Baking Equipment for the Mum that loves to Bake!

Barbour have just released their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, and it includes the much awaited range from Artisan crafts designer Julie Dodsworth. The aptly named, British Waterways Capsule, takes inspiration from the colours, lights and flowers of Britain’s canals and rivers. Julie herself lives in a canal boat, so her creations are enthused with a wealth of first hand inspiration. Anything from this collection would go down an absolute treat with Mum…

Barbour British Waterways Collection by Julie Dodsworth

Arthur Price have a quant ‘My Deli’ range of speciality knives that are presented in a rather nice looking gift box, you can get cheese knives, butter/cheese knives, steak knives or a cheese, honey and fruit set. A great little present if your Mum’s a real foodie or a cheese lover…

Arthur Price My Deli - Selection of Cheese/Fruit/Steak Knife Sets

Arthur Price Silver Plated Heart Bookmark

If your Mum is a book fanatic, and you often find her frantically flipping through the pages of the latest bestseller, I would suggest this Arthur Price Bookmark. It’s far more stylish than your average bookmark, and it’s silver plated so it will last her longer than that scrap of paper she’s probably using at the moment! If you have time, you could even add a personal touch by getting the heart engraved with a little message, that way, she can be reminded of you whenever she’s settling down to a good book.

Danielle Five Piece Manicure Set in a case that comes in three colours

To your right is a gorgeous Five Piece Manicure Set from Danielle, it comes in three colours, placed in a handy little case which is perfect for your Mum to pop in her handbag or have in her bathroom cabinet. Also, if your Mum is partial to a bit of sparkle, the case is decorated with Swarovski Elements…

Last, but not least, a gift idea that’s a little unconventional… How great is it to tell Mum to sit back and relax on Mother’s Day? Well how about if your gift allowed her to do that whenever she wanted? Well, weather depending. Lafuma Recliners are the comfiest garden recliners I’ve been on, so if your Mum tries to spend as much time outside as possible, this would be a great addition to her garden.

Lafuma R Clip Recliners - For Mum's that love to relax in the garden!

Well, that brings us to the end of my Mother’s Day gift ideas. Hopefully you’ve been inspired, if only just a touch. Make the effort this year and really put a smile on Mum’s face…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely Mum’s out there!


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