Make Your Home Extra Cosy This Year With Manor Fireside Furnishings…

Manor Fireside Furnishings at Philip Morris and SonThe days are growing colder and the nights are turning darker; winter will soon be knocking on our doors. Now is the time to start thinking about turning our homes into a beautifully warm, and ultra-snug, hibernation pod. Create a gorgeous autumnal home with a roaring fire and an extra cosy ambience with stunning new additions from the Manor Fireside collection

Manor Fire Fronts

Add a touch of class to your electric or gas fire with an ultra-stylish Manor Blenheim Gas Fire Front. This fire guard is sure to chase away your winter day blues with its gorgeous golden accents and attractive traditional design. See more fire fronts from Manor.Manor Blenheim Fire Front at Philip Morris and Son

Manor Fire Grates

Is your fire grate looking a little worse for wear? There’s nothing better than stoking up a fire on a chilly winter night to keep your house pleasantly balmy; but after a while your fire grate will start to suffer. Give your fireplace a new lease of life with the extremely elegant Manor Oxford Fire Grate and the Manor Bowed Fire Grate.Manor Oxford Fire Grate, available at Philip Morris and Son Manor Bowed Fire Grate at Philip Morris and Son

Manor Fire Baskets

Log burners are always a fantastic companion to have on cold and frosty nights, however they can be quite tedious to maintain as they need to be cleaned out after each use. Introducing the Manor Baby Cromwell Fire Basket, this robust metal fire basket is extremely easy use and easy to maintain. It can hold a substantial amount of coal and firewood for the ultimate open fire experience.Manor Baby Cromwell Fire Basket, available at Philip Morris and Son

Manor Ash Buckets

New to the Manor range, these gorgeous Vintage Cream and Grey ash buckets are a must have fire accessory to any open fireplace. Thanks to its wide and spacious dimensions a large quantity of ash can be held within the container, compared to your typical ash bucket. This particular ash pail in the manor range has been designed with a fixed lid, so you don’t have to worry about ash spilling out all over your clean carpet.

Manor Ash Bucket in Vintage Cream available from Philip Morris and Son Manor Ash Bucket in Grey available from Philip Morris and Son

Manor Charcoal Match Holders

Staying with the elegant vintage theme, Manor have also produced a pair of beautifully designed metal Vintage Cream and Grey Match Holders. These sleek boxes are perfect for storing and managing your long safety matches thanks to their large size and secure hinged lid.

Manor Match Holder in Vintage Cream at Philip Morris and Son Manor Match Holder in Grey at Philip Morris and Son

Manor Fireguards

There is nothing worse than finding unpleasant scorch marks on your lounge carpet; so why let your open fire take control of your home? Introducing the strikingly stylish Tate 3 Fold Fireguard, the Hartford 3 Fold Fireguard and the Vermont 3 Fold Fireguard; each one has been specifically constructed to offer you the best protection against harmful sparks and unwanted debris. With their fine mesh screens and 3 part folding system, you can protect your furnishings from all directions.

Manoe Vermont 3 Fold Fireguard from Philip Morris and Son Manor Hartford 3 Fold Fireguard available from Philip Morris and SonManor Tate 3 Fold Fireguard at Philip Morris and Son

Manor Log Baskets

Here we have the ultra-modern and chic Manor Wire Log Basket and the Manor Log Circle. These attractive log containers are perfect for storing big bundles of firewood in (so that they’re not under feet!). With their eye catching wire structure and smooth linear design they are sure not to go unnoticed by visiting guests.

Manor Log Circle available at Philip Morris and Son Manor Wire Log Basket at Philip Morris and Son

Manor Companion Sets

Companion Sets are the equivalent to the icing on a cake; they add a certain je ne sais quoi to your fireplace. You can make your fireplace come alive with either traditional or modern companion sets in the Manor range. Here are some of the new additions to the collection…

Manor Tate Companion Set available at Philip Morris and Son Manor Elipse Companion Set from Philip Morris and Son Manor Chic Companion Set at Philip Morris and Son

Certainly Wood Firestarter Flamers

These odourless Firestarter’s from Certainly Wood are 100% natural, wax dipped fine wood shavings. You only need one of these extremely easy to light Firestarter Flamers to get your fire started for a nice and cosy evening indoors. Certainly Wood flamers are suitable for all wood burning appliances, especially for barbecues!

Certainly Wood 50 Firestarter Flamers available at Philip Morris and Son Caertainly Wood 200 Firestarter Flamers at Philip Morris and Son

For more cosy fireside accessories explore the rest of the Manor range


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  1. The Flamers are brilliant for starting the fire! We even use them to start the BBQ.

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