Keeping warm and dry in Silverstone

Hello! It has been a busy few weeks for Bruce and I as the CLA Game Fair draws ever closer, but we took the weekend off and went to Silverstone. We were one of the lucky few who did the wholepark and ride thing and managed to get in and out of a very wet and soggy Silverstone without any problems or delays.

I am a huge F1 fan and so this was a dream come try and nothing, not even the rain and the mud, would damped my spirits and as I sat watching an empty race track during the delay in qualifying, I realised that how warm, toastie and dry I was. I don’t think I have ever appreciated my Musto riding jacket, my Barbour wax flat cap, silver Hunter Jimmy Choo wellies (that I got married in last November) and fantastically pink foam ear plugs as much as I did on Saturday.

I was completely dry and warm and others around me commented on how dry I was managing to stay. As you can see from the picture I had managed to make myself a den with a huge wind and rain proof umbrella and a picnic rug and Bruce and I had a fantastic afternoon out. I used to laugh at my husband’s words of wisdom that you should always spend money on good quality bedding and footwear “because if you aren’t in one, you are in the other”.  He did boast when I agreed with him on this pearl of wisdom when sat on the watery Silverstone step at Copse Corner. But how true his words are.

I have had my Musto coat for about 18 months now, but its versatility and comfort has led me to believe it is the best coat I have ever had. It washes; it dries quickly. It keeps you warm without getting too hot and never leaks. It has a zip which you can let down from the top or the bottom and has a hood which can fasted to fit the size of your head.  As for my wellies, yes they were a special buy, I do have the normal green neoprene lined Hunter wellies which are fantastic but the silver wellies, I wore for our wedding last November, and as you may have remembered I do have a thing for footwear. They are robust, hardwearing and comfortable. Also the silver ones were just dashing on a grey wet day in June.  I also took my Barbour wax flat cap with me so that I could wear that when the rain was not too heavy and it was perfect for keeping my hair off my face and also very dry. It too dried very quickly and kept my head surprisingly warm despite the rain and wind.

We had a fantastic weekend at Silverstone and as I said before nothing stopped me from going round all dry and warm with a huge grin on my face.

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones (wife to Bruce Jones, Managing Partner) I will be writing blogs surrounding household products from Philip Morris and Son that I use in the comfort of my own home. I will be providing you with top tips and guides, as well as keeping you all up to date with the latest local news... Stay tuned!

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