Fairfax & Favor has arrived in Herefordshire!

Yes, that’s right! We are excited to announce that we are now official stockists of the renowned Fairfax & Favor; the quintessentially British success story that everyone should hear about. You may recognize the brand from their iconic Regina boots, the reason Fairfax & Favor became a huge sensation in the world of lifestyle fashion, but if you don’t then don’t worry as it will soon become a household name.

Who are Fairfax & Favor?

Flourishing from a combination of friendships and very British-qualities, Fairfax & Favor is built on the middle names of childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker. On the spring of their eighteenth year, the duo set out to create the most epic bouncy castle business ever known but this soon went up in smoke when costs were too high and funds were slim. So, they took their chances and leaped into the world of footwear; and what a great idea that was.

Fairfax & Favor pride themselves on craftsmanship, innovation, commitment and the ability to make their customers smile today, tomorrow and years from now. Their focus on becoming a luxury lifestyle brand has stemmed from taking chances and adventure; something they try to promote in their stylish footwear. Going from rural Norfolk, to the mountains of Spain, the brand has created a line of premium quality products with the finest details possible.

Why Philip Morris & Son?

Our customers want more than just practical clothing; they want practical clothing for the everyday lifestyle. We want to build a connection between the countryside and the city and Fairfax & Favor is a brand that can help us achieve this goal. There are key factors that our customers desire when investing in good footwear; style, comfort and quality. These 3 pillars of luxury have now been made accessible thanks to Fairfax & Favor and we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to embrace this.

Our hot picks

We’ve chosen our favourite pieces from Fairfax & Favor that we think you will swoon over…

The Reginahttps://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/fairfax-favor-heeled-regina-boots/

A classic Spanish-bota style boot available heeled or flat. A true Fairfax & Favor signature.

Imperial ExplorersA mixture of style and practicality with a Vibram sole for impeccable tread.

Windsor handbaghttps://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/fairfax-favor-windsor-handbag/An iconic leather accessory that can match your boots thanks to its’ interchangeable tassel

Suede Tasselshttps://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/fairfax-favor-suede-boot-tassels/Because everyone needs their own style.


As the social butterfly in the Marketing department, I will be keeping you in the loop with all the news and exciting things happening here at Philip Morris & Son!


  1. Sophie Walker Ball

    Hi do you have any Fairfax and favour zebra print tassles please?
    Can you get Mahogany size 7 explorers in to order?

    • Hi Sophie,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.
      Regrettably the Fairfax & Favor Zebra Print Boot Tassels have now been discontinued so we are unable to obtain these for you.
      Furthermore we have checked stock levels for the Fairfax & Favor Explorers / Mahogany / 7 and unfortunately these are currently sold out with no confirmed replenishment date.
      We apologise unreservedly that we were unable to assist you further with your request but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional queries.

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