Expanded range of fireside accessories follows renewable energy trend

Philip Morris & Son have always been a company with a great sense of tradition and have always kept a great range of fireside equipment and accessories.

This range has expanded considerably since the resurgence of interest in the burning of solid fuel.

The burning of wood is currently the largest use of energy derived from a solid fuel biomass. In English, this means more and more of us are using the time-honoured method of a traditional fireplace to heat our homes. In recent years, wood burning has made a comeback to supplement primary heat sources, such as central heating, and in some cases wood burning has become the primary heat source.

Starting with the necessary equipment needed to install a fireplace – the fire grate, ash pan and fire front – progressing to the necessary equipment to get your fire going and keep it going. Companion sets, which include a poker, hearth brush, shovel and coal tongs, are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes and are a must for anyone serious about maintaining a fireplace.

Philip Morris & Son also offer a range of functional yet decorative bellows, useful for getting your fire started and keeping it that way.

Philip Morris & Son offer a huge selection of fireguards including folding guards which fit the closely to the fireplace as you can direct each fold to where you need it.

Shaped fire and spark guards have various shaped and designs and come in one piece and will help to catch flying cinders or sparks.

All of this equipment along with a range of fireside fuel carriers and storage, as well as handy accessories such as match holders, will really help you to keep the home fires burning with Philip Morris & Son.


I have been the Manager of the Hardware and Toy department at Philip Morris and Son for many years now. Follow my posts for all the latest product information and care guides.

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