Denby – Pottery To Be Proud Of

Denby has been making pottery in the heart of the English countryside since 1809, designing and manufacturing superior tableware using craftsmen’s skills that have been handed down over the years, many of which are still used to this day. Throughout the course of over two centuries at the forefront of the tableware market, Denby have earned a reputation for producing consistently high quality products which boast an exceptional blend of versatility, practicality and beauty.


Denby’s premium stoneware ranges are handmade in England using locally sourced clay and the unmatched expertise of skilled craftsmen to create a wonderful range of dinnerware. Philip Morris & Son are proud to offer several of Denby’s dinnerware ranges along with Denby accessories such as placemats and coasters and also lap trays. The various ranges of Denby dinnerware feature a variety of products such as teacups and saucers, teapots, mugs, cereal bowls, pasta bowls, dinner plates, salad plates, mugs and jugs.Denby StonewareThe Denby Imperial Blue range is one of our most popular ranges, featuring brilliant blues contrasted with refreshing whites making this collection of dinnerware an elegant and stylish addition to your table. The Denby Regency Green range is a beautiful and serene collection, featuring subtle natural green watercolours which are as fresh and invigorating today as ever. The Denby Linen range is practical for everyday use, yet at the same time the effortless style of it can be utilised for special occasions. The range combines classic tableware design with a neutral tone allowing it to blend into classic and contemporary settings alike. The dinnerware of the Imperial Blue, Regency Green and Linen ranges is all fully vitrified which makes it strong, durable and resilient. Vitrification is a process which uses heat fusion to transform the clay particles to a very hard, inert, glass-like state.

White by DenbyClassic Denby style is brought to life with the gloriously stylish and sophisticated White by Denby range of dinnerware. Every modern home needs a stylish white dinnerware collection and White by Denby is modern, minimalist and effortlessly chic. This range is made from sturdy white porcelain and the plain, practical shapes make it ideal for both casual and formal dining.

Denby dinnerware is not only designed with aesthetics in mind, functionality and practicality is an important part of the Denby criteria. All items of Denby stoneware and porcelain dinnerware are suitable for use in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher. However, following certain guidelines can prolong the life and maintain the quality of your Denby products. For dishwasher use it is recommended that low temperatures and liquid detergents are used. Denby dinnerware can be used in the oven & microwave for cooking and reheating food, however please note that using your microwave to warm empty dinnerware can cause damage to both your dinnerware and microwave and is therefore not recommended. All pottery and china can crack if exposed to sudden changes in temperature, no matter how strong it is, so we advise against taking items from the freezer and putting them straight into the oven or microwave, also it is best to avoid exposing your dinnerware to direct heat sources such as the hob or grill.

RecyclingDenby has been producing pottery for over 200 years in the heart of the English countryside. It is their care, attention and expertise which has made Denby so popular and it is the same set of principles which means Denby is the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim ‘zero to landfill’ for all process waste. Being ‘zero to landfill’ saves approximately 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. With quality standards being so high, any clay with faults is recycled into new stoneware, saving 2500 tonnes of raw clay, the equivalent of 350 fully loaded double decker buses! All of Denby’s moulds are made from plaster of Paris which is recycled to make plasterboard. Every year Denby recycle 300 tonnes of plaster of Paris, over 100,000 litres of glaze during the glazing process and they re-use 8 million litres of water and purify and return to the water cycle 28 million litres of water. Denby also recycle over 300 tonnes of packaging and wherever possible minimize the packaging sent out by using reusable totes.


Accessories are what make a dinner table truly shine! In my blog I will be keeping you informed on all the latest dinnerware styles and fashions. I will also be posting useful manuals on how to help maintain your dinnerware and cutlery (so that they look lovelier for longer!)

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