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Boot linings explained


So, you’ve made the decision to invest in a proper pair of wellies but you’re unsure which ones you should buy. You know your style, but what about the specifics; which welly’s which?  Which lining is right for you?


Well, we here at Philip Morris & Son are here to dispel your welly woes! Put your feet up as we explain everything you need to know about welly linings.

Both in our store and online we stock brand leaders such as Le Chameau, Barbour and Hunter. Each manufacturer has their own unique way of producing their wellingtons, choosing to focus on various needs of your feet.

Throughout this post we’re going to be covering 7 different types of boot lining. Or if you’d prefer you can jump straight to:  Carbon, Cotton, Goretex, Leather, Neoprene, Onsteam & Polyester

We’ve summarised each lining’s main attribute in the handy little table below:

Philip Morris & Son | Boot linings explained



Hunter Balmoral | Philip Morris & Son

A carbon lining in a wellington acclimatises to your body temperature, meaning it will keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Hunter wellingtons adopt a moisture-wicking bamboo in their carbon lined boot, which wicks away any dampness that may occur during use.



Le Chameau Country Vibrams | Philip Morris & SonCotton lined wellingtons provide comfort for your feet. Generally people would wear this type of welly for everyday use. The lining will keep you cool during the summer, making this type of wellington perfect for festivals and those busy country fairs. People who feel the heat will find these a cool comforting alternative. However, others may find these need to be layered up with thick welly socks for use in the autumn and winter.



Dubarry Kildare | Philip Morris & SonGore-Tex (GTX) is a 100% waterproof membrane which has been scientifically formulated to be a breathable layer, allowing any perspiration out of the boot without letting any outside particles in. You won’t find Gore-Tex linings in traditional rubber wellingtons, because the rubber prevents the Gore-Tex breathing, instead it is often paired up with either a leather outer, which as a natural product allows the Gore-Tex to wick away moisture, or a hardwearing  high-tech fabric like Cordura, which again allows the wicking process to function. Gore-Tex linings mean you have a very different look to a conventional wellington, but for performance they are hard to beat.


Le Chameau Chasseurs | Philip Morris & SonA leather lined wellington offers you not only a luxurious look and feel, but also comfort and insulation. Leather lined wellingtons tend to be suitable for wear all year round, as they keep you cool in the summer and are easy to layer up. As with all leather products, a leather-lined wellington offers you a tough and hardwearing piece of footwear, effortlessly combining quality with durability. Le Chameau, for example, uses a thick and supple full-grain calf leather from exclusive French and Italian tanneries.


Le Chameau Vierzonords | Philip Morris & SonNeoprene is the synthetic rubber material used to make wetsuits, and recent years have seen high-end welly manufacturers adapt this technology to line their boots.  As you would expect from wetsuit material, neoprene linings help keep your feet incredibly warm by utilising your natural body heat. In addition, it also provides an extra layer of comfort and an elastic memory. Generally two thicknesses of neoprene is offered, with the likes of Le Chameau and Hunter offering a choice of 3 mm or 5 mm. Le Chameau have tested the strength of their neoprene wellingtons, with the 3 mm suitable for temperatures down to -15oC, whilst the extra thickness of the 5 mm would enable you feet to survive all the way down to -25oC. If you’re looking for wellingtons to use in the cold winter months, or if you suffer from poor circulation in your feet, then neoprene may just be for you.


Le Chameau Ceres Soufflet | Philip Morris & SonOnsteam is a brand new lining which has been developed by Le Chameau. The beauty of Onsteam is that it helps keep your feet and the inside of your boot dry, no matter the situation. The perforated micro-fibre absorbs and dissipates any humidity produced by your feet. The Onsteam lining enables the wellington boot to regulate the temperature, providing a much more comfortable experience. The material is extremely durable and offers a high level of resistance to any abrasive surface that you may encounter. It is also anti-allergenic whilst helping to inhibit odours, which could be a welcome quality in the summer months.  In many ways this lining is similar in function to carbon, although achieved with a very different material. 


Aigle Parcours 2 Iso | Philip Morris & SonAs with all polyester products, these linings are extremely strong and durable, and also resistant to abrasion, stretching and wrinkling that may occur when in use.  Polyester is a synthetic fabric, which is both quick drying and shape retaining; it can also be mixed with cotton for extra comfort as is seen in Aigle Parcours. A polyester lined wellington offers you a boot which will keep you cool and is suitable for wear all year round.

So there you have it, a whistle stop tour around the various linings available in wellingtons. You may feel that you fit in to more than one category and have various needs; should this be the case it may be worth considering having different boots with different linings for summer and winter. If in any doubt it’s always worth trying on a pair of wellingtons to ensure they really are right for you – pop in to our country clothing store where one of our staff members will be happy to help, or if you’re shopping online add our easy exchange service to your basket where we make returns and exchanges absolutely effortless.

We hope you’ve found this information useful and should you still have questions please feel free to contact us.

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John Jones in Managing Partner at Philip Morris & Son. As a keen driven game shooter he takes a hands on role in selection and development of the Philip Morris & Son Country Clothing range. With a combination of technical, industry and user knowledge this puts John in a unique position to share his knowledge of the best and worst products available.


  1. I am looking for a pair of boots or walking shoe for long walk in rural Hampshire

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comment,
      We strongly advise a walking boot in this situation to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible especially during a long walk. Furthermore it is also worth considering getting a boot that has a Vibram® sole as they offer exceptional grip on rural terrain. I have provided a link below to our walking boot department if this may be of interest to you.
      *Please note, we have a huge reduction on some of the Le Chameau footwear at the moment so you can get a high quality walking boot for even cheaper than before!*
      We hope this helps but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

  2. Nigel Johnston

    HI – long story short, I need your help. I live in Glenshee, Scottish Highlands. My boots would be on me at some stage nearly every day except the real warm summer days. I don’t use them for heavy farm work but around the estate and fields so they are not getting bashed with machinery. I wore Seeland Estates for a long time and they were good and lasted me. I then moved onto Hunter Balmoral neoprenes and Le Chameau. I’m sorry to say that both brands have been absolutely hopeless, all cracking within the year of purchase even though I was treating them with their respective treatment products. Both companies told me they shouldn’t be worn every day – hmmm!
    Can you recommend a good durable comfortable wellie? I have been thinking of Muckboots and possibly back to Seeland although I’ve have been warned now about their rubber also not being as good as previous.
    I very much look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Nigel, thank you for reaching out to us.
      We recommend if you have already tried Le Chameau, and they are not proving successful, then perhaps Aigle as their wellies are one of our most premium collections in terms of quality and durability. They feature a 3 density natural rubber shock absorbing sole which offers cushioning, stability and abrasion resistance so you can stay comfortable on your feet all day and they are available with a variety of linings so there will be one suitable for your requirements. For peace of mind, they also have a 2 year warranty!
      The same as Le Chameau, they are also made of Natural Rubber so will require care to ensure that the rubber does not dry and start to crack therefore please avoid wearing them near chemicals and animal waste as this will damage the rubber. If you did want an agricultural boot then Le Chameau do a range of Ceres wellington boots, specifically designed for farmwork. I have provided links below for these 2 ranges but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance :).
      Aigle Footwear- https://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/clothing/aigle/aigle-footwear/dept/
      Le Chameau Agricultural Ceres Range- https://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/clothing/le-chameau-boots/chameau-agricultural/dept/

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