Antler Luggage Bonanza

If you are looking for quality luggage at fantastic prices, then the team at Philip Morris and Son have this high quality luggage at low, low prices.

Online department store Philip Morris & Son has established a reputation for quality, value and service on the web and thanks to a new initiative in conjunction with Antler Luggage they are able to take the value part of that proposition further than ever before.

Antler is one of the most recognised luggage brands in the world, creating high quality bags and suitcases in distinctive, yet practical and stylish designs.

Their reputation is built on quality and innovation, which in recent years has seen them produce lighter and lighter cases, using a range of high tech fabrics that mean your precious baggage allowance is used on the kit you are carrying, and not the suitcase itself.

Whatโ€™s more theyโ€™ve achieved this whilst continuing to enhance the quality of the cases, with a 7 year warranty as standard across the entire range.

Understandably, this kind of quality doesnโ€™t come cheap, but thanks to a great partnership Philip Morris & Son have forged with Antler, they are able to offer a number of current season styles at as much as 60% off RRP, including the Litestream and Airlite ranges, which have been amongst this seasonโ€™s best sellers.

Check out the range of Antler Luggage by clicking here or give their online sales team a call on 01432 377 089.


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