A Guide to Cleaning your Barbour Jacket

Whether you own a wax or a quilt jacket, at some point you will need to give some thought on how to clean it. But don’t worry, we’ll take the hassle out of this so you will know exactly what to do.

Cleaning your quilted jacket

Barbour quilts are very easy to clean, because many of the fabrics and materials used to make them are machine washable, or can be dry cleaned. For your own individual jacket it is always best to check the label as there are a number of different Barbour quilts, and each will have specific details relating to their washing temperatures and aftercare. The care label is often found in the inner security pocket if your jacket has one, or one of the main front pockets. Generally a low washing temperature with a non-biological detergent is always best, and then a very light tumble dry before hanging them in a warm place, such as an airing cupboard, to ensure the jacket is fully dry before you next wear it. Many people may prefer to hang them to dry straight after washing.

Cleaning and reproofing your wax jacket

Barbour waxed cotton cannot be washed in hot water, dry cleaned or machine washed as this will remove the waterproofing wax and oils which cannot be replaced. The only way to clean a wax jacket is to brush off any dirt, and then wipe it down using cold water only.

There will come a time when your Barbour wax jacket will need to be reproofed, however this will depend on how much you wear your jacket and the type of usage you get out of it. Barbour suggests you reproof periodically to maintain the effectiveness of the wax. You can have your wax jacket sent back to Barbour to be reproofed, which will cost about £30 for a jacket, and £39 for a jacket and a hood.

If you prefer, you can reproof your wax jacket yourself, using Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing. Firstly make sure your jacket is at room temperature, rather than just grabbing it out of the car or a draughty room in your house. Next place a tin of the Wax Thornproof Dressing in a pan of hot water with the lid of the tin removed, and once the wax has softened use a soft cloth or sponge to work the wax well into the jacket. Barbour advises that you pay particular attention to the seams, creases and dry patches to ensure these remain fully proofed against the elements.

For an extra smooth finish it is advised that you use a hairdryer to blow over the jacket, to ensure the wax is evenly spread out.

Barbour repairs

Barbour’s repair service will also fix any rips and holes, will replace zips, repair linings, and fix frayed cuffs and edges on your wax jacket. The jacket will be sent to their factory in South Shields, where they will also do alterations. For more information on this, and the pricing, please visit the Barbour page here.  Alternatively the jacket can be sent off for an estimate first if you prefer.

One of the best things about a Barbour jacket is that, if you look after it, it will look after you for years to come.



John Jones in Managing Partner at Philip Morris & Son. As a keen driven game shooter he takes a hands on role in selection and development of the Philip Morris & Son Country Clothing range. With a combination of technical, industry and user knowledge this puts John in a unique position to share his knowledge of the best and worst products available.


  1. Hi

    Please can tell me how to clean a Barbour cotton jacket? It’s not a waxed jacket but black has a cotton feel to it, I can’t remember the style but it is black ladies jacket brought 18months ago, I have sponged down but looks like it could do with a good wash as looks a little dull and faded! Please help!

    Kind regards
    Jo Newland

    • There should be cleaning instructions on the label of the jacket (this may be in a pocket) – if it’s not a wax jacket it should be machine washable or be able to be dry cleaned. If you no longer have the label in your jacket please feel free to call our Customer Service department on 01432 377089 who should be able to assist you further.

      • I have just washed my gran sons jacket on a 40 wash it sead 100 per sent cotton and it as come up great

      • Just purchased a Barbour Sapper waxed coat from Bloomingdales snd it was sent with a lot of lint. I’ve wiped off a fair amount but still does not look great and rather disappointed. Called store and no more
        In stock and got it for a great price. How best can I clean the lint off? Lint brush? Have already used damp cloth with cold water. Thanks for your advice.

        • Hi Michael, thank you for your comment.
          With new Barbour wax jackets comes freshly coated wax therefore it will attract the most tiniest of fibres which we agree can be annoying!
          We advise avoiding using a lint brush as this may lift some of the wax coating leaving a patchy coat and continuing to wipe the garment with a damp cloth will cause the outer wax layer to strip therefore you would need to have the garment reproofed which should not be required this early in a jacket’s lifespan.
          It will require some patience but just continue to wear the jacket as normal and overtime the wax will become less moist and sticky so you will be able to simply brush off any fibres that it comes into contact with.
          If this is not a suitable solution then we advise contacting Barbour directly to obtain further aftercare advice. We have provided their details below:
          We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us back.

  2. I had a mission trying to clean my Barbour jacket tried getting in contact with Barbour, decided to shop online in the end.


    • I bought a waxed jacket with cordoroy trim in the cuffs and collar and wore it a lot so I really need to wash it. I want it clean and fresh because I’ve sweat in it and wore it everyday. But since I can’t wash it, It can’t be worn anymore? This is so frustrating and makes me regret purchasing it.


      • Good morning Ramon, thank you for your comment.
        The best we can suggest is to sponge the interior and corduroy areas with clean soapy water then leave the jacket to air out on your washing line and not near a heat source as this will dry the wax layer. A light spray on the internal fabric with some odour neutraliser spray should hopefully remove any remaining smell. We hope this helps! 🙂

  3. What is the best way to remove creases from a Barbour waxed jacket? Thanks

    • Hi Lyn

      Generally if you hang them up for an few days the weight of the wax will naturally cause creases to drop out. Otherwise try rewaxing the jacket, as the action of working in the wax will remove creases. Whatever you do don’t go near it with an iron!

      • Not even inside out?

        • Hi Ken,
          Thank you for your comment.
          We strongly advise against putting an iron anywhere near a wax jacket as this will ruin the condition, as well as the protective wax layer, permanently. An alternative method is to hang the garment in a warm area, such as a Bathroom during a hot shower, to allow the heat to penetrate and pull some of the creases out. Furthermore if this continues to show no signs of improvement then we advise contacting Barbour directly to obtain further aftercare advice. We have provided their details below:
          We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us back.

  4. Hi
    I rewaxed my barbour jacket last night & found it was hard work
    Rubbing the melted wax in with a cloth as recommended especially
    Getting into all the nooks & crannies!
    I’m a furniture dealer & when waxing furniture I use a clean paint brush,
    So I thought I’d give it a go on the jacket!
    I cut the brush bristles down to make them short & stubby!
    It worked a treat & wiped of any excess wax with a clean dry cloth.
    But remember the wax must be melted clear!!

  5. If the inside starts to smell a bit how do I air it? Do I clean the inside?

    • Hi Paul, the best we can suggest is to damp sponge it with clean soapy water and maybe spray it with febreeze. Leave it to air out on the line, but not directly in the sun.
      Thank you.

      • That is exactly what I did, still stunk after taking outside every sunny day. Last night I forgot to bring it in and now it is soaked right through. Going to give it a spin in the washing machine and drape it over the Aga. Obviously taking care to not let any of the fabric touch the oven.

        • Hi John,

          Washing a Barbour jacket will destroy it, and drying it on an Aga will dry it out.
          We strongly suggest that you contact Barbour directly to see if they can advise about the smell.

          You can contact them via telephone: 0800 917 3000,
          or their website: http://www.barbour.com/static/contactus

          Thanks Briannie,

          • That’s bullspit! I’ve washed 5 Barbour Waxed Jackets now and they all came out fine. Just set the temperature to 40degrees with a low spin cycle, using normal biological washing powder/liquid. Then let them drip dry outside for a day. You just need to re-wax them after that, which takes a good couple of hours unfortunately. You can then use a hair dryer to melt the wax and rub over with a sponge or lint free cloth, or leave as is and let the wax slowly melt in with the sun. Both methods work.

          • Hi Max,

            We’re glad that your jacket wasn’t affected by the washing machine, however Barbour recommend that you sponge clean your wax jacket only.
            They also suggest that if you are still unsure, then you can check the internal care labels for further information: http://www.barbour.com/static/faq/product-information-and-care

            Kind regards,

          • Now, wait a minute! I HAVE to wash my BARBOUR.jacket. Someone wrapped a small pumpkin in it and it sat in my car for several days while the fruit molded. The mold is on the outside but grew clean thru the lining. A wipe with a sponge will not do. It needs a thorough immersion cleaning.

            Now jackets are meant to be worn IN THE RAIN, no? BARBOUR is claimed to be a rugged product. Don’t tell me it’s so delicate that it can’t tolerate a little wash…Ridiculous.

            If I wash out the wax, then I retreat it. Several others here claim to have done it. I just want to know best WASHING advice, not hear that my expensive piece of kit is too fragile for a machine wash.

          • Hi Ben, thank you for your message.
            We’re sorry to learn that your Barbour jacket has had an encounter with a mouldy pumpkin! Whilst many people on this post have had successful results from washing their jacket, we stand by Barbour in advising to avoid machine washing your jacket. The problem faced with washing a wax jacket is that the wax coating will be stripped and in some cases it will be very difficult to re wax the garment as the wax may not sit properly on the cotton exterior and therefore will just seep through the jacket not providing a waterproof coating. Sponge wiping the garment with cold water is the only recommended care advice for cleaning Barbour wax jackets but I have provided Barbour’s customer care details below if you wish to obtain further advice regarding the condition of your jacket. We hope this helps 🙂

  6. Hi There,

    My Barbour has taken on the aroma of a dead sheep with a colony of moths living inside it and I’m wondering if a soak and a scrub in a tub of cool water with washing powder, followed by a tumble dry would sort it? My concern is whether or not the heat of the tumble dryer would do the same as hot water – i.e. melt the wax irreparably out of the cotton. So, my question: can you tumble dry a barbour?? Cheers!

    • Hi David,

      We definitely don’t recommend putting your jacket in a tumble dryer. A scrub with cool water will be fine, but washing powder or detergents could ruin the jacket. Maybe try hanging it outside for a bit of airing? Then spray the lining with a bit of febreze. You could always send it off to Barbour for a complete re-wax too.

      If you need further help, give us a call on 01432 377089.

      Thanks, Jess.

  7. I was wearing my Utility Barbour jacket and got wet mud on it. I got home and wiped it off with a sponge and cold water. Now there is a color difference, I don’t know what this means.

    • Hi Maddy,

      Did you use any detergents at all? The colour difference will probably just be down to the slight removal of wax in that area. You can buy a small pot of wax to re-proof it yourself if it’s really noticeable, or you can send it to Barbour for a professional re-wax.

      If you need any further help or advice please call us on 01432 377089.

      Thanks, Jess.

  8. I’m planning on rewaxing my Barbour for the first time. There is dull white mark on the that is probably paint – leaned against a wall! Any tips on how I can get rid of this?

    • Hi Nick,

      Unfortunately, other than scrubbing the jacket with clean cool water and a stiff brush before re-waxing there won’t be a lot you can do. Detergents can damage the jacket and make it impossible to re-wax in the future. If you are re-proofing it yourself, maybe add a few more layers of wax over that one area and see if it helps even up the colour?

      If you need further help, give us a call on 01432 377089.

      Thanks, Jess.

  9. I have had my Barbour Border jacket, which I use when fishing, for about six years now. I have re-proofed it myself once. I guess it needs re-proofing again because I get wet inside it in heavy rain. Recently after a real soaking, it started to smell quite badly (I was clean – honest!). How can I get rid of the smell? Can I machine wash it on a cold wash?

    • Hi John,

      Barbour doesn’t recommend putting wax jackets in the washing machine as it can cause irreversible damage. Tackle the lining with elbow grease/clean cold water and a spray of some odour neutraliser. Alternatively, you can send your jacket back to Barbour’s factory for a professional re-proof. It comes back with a new lease of life! Read about that and costs here: http://www.barbour.com/repairs_reproofing

      If you need further help, give us a call on 01432 377089.

      Thanks, Jess.

    • After working in the garden I found muddy marks on my jacket. I wiped clean with a damp cloth but after drying out the muddy marks reappeared. Also tried brushing but no joy. Help please.

      • Hi Mary,

        We advise our customers to lightly sponge the jacket clean, do not rub it, and then let it dry naturally. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do.
        You can try waxing your jacket after to see if this improves it?

        I hope this information was useful,

  10. Hi!
    I’ve just picked up my daughter’s pinky red Ashby barbour jacket from my local Barbour shop where I’d taken it in to be cleaned and rewaxed. However, it was returned from Barbour with the comment that it had “Dried out” and they were sending it back untreated as the “wash will go through to lining”. Having read your very helpful advice above, I was hoping you could tell me how to proceed. The jacket is quite grubbyand definitely needs a clean. I know you advise not washing with detergent, but as it seems as though we can’t rewax it anyway would washing it in a cool wash be that harmful? She wore the jacket constantly for a winter, and though not fully waterproof it is warm and she would like to wear it again.
    Looking forward to hearing from you & thanks in advance.

    • Hi Irena,
      Unfortunately, when the layer of wax has been completely removed, it cannot then be re-waxed as it will just seep straight through, as Barbour said. We recommend reproofing a wax jacket once a year to avoid this happening – for future reference.
      The main reason we tell you to avoid washing or using detergents is for that exact reason, because it will completely strip the jacket of wax and will therefore never be waterproof again. We still wouldn’t recommend using any detergents as it may affect the colour, but if there is no wax layer left already, I really can’t see any harm in putting it on a cool, gentle wash. However, I have never personally done this so I can’t guarantee your results.
      If you do decide to try it in the machine, please let us know how it turns out 🙂

      If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

      Thank you, Jess.

  11. Elizabeth buchanan

    Merry Xmas
    Just ready to put on my waxed jacked then noticed a thin line of paint on cuff
    Can you help
    Kindest regards

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Merry Christmas to you too! Best thing to try is to get small stiff brush and some cold water (try not to use warm) and scrub the area. If you can try to concentrate the scrubbing to the paint area only, as much as you possibly can. Maybe use a stiff pipe cleaning brush (almost like a mascara brush). Then you can reapply a few layers of wax afterwards to even out any discolouration. Let us know how it goes.
      If you need any more help, give us a call.

      Thank you, Jess.

  12. Oh dear. My jacket has been in the damp shed and gathered a patina of mould. So what did this numpty do? Sprayed it with dettol mould and mildew remover, that’s what. Result: discolouration as the remover contains bleach. Not recommended and let this be a salutary tale to anyone else. But my question is: is there anything I can do to restore the colour? I don’t mind if there is some variation as this could be an ‘interesting patina’ but as it is the colour difference is too stark. Thank you!

    • Hi Adrian,
      Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good! You could try sending it off to Barbour for a professional reproofing, which may restore discolouration slightly, but there’s a high chance they might return it to you if you have completely removed the wax layer; which I fear you probably have by using such strong chemicals. It may be worth a try though. You could also attempt to apply wax yourself to only the affected (lighter) areas, but you would need to make sure you lay paper underneath incase the wax does seep through. Add a layer of wax, blast with a hairdryer and repeat. It can’t get much worse, right?
      If it doesn’t work, it will just be a Barbour jacket with character! Who knows, maybe you will start a new trend…

      Thanks, Jess.

  13. I have managed to get lipstick on my wax jacket, how do I get this off. Thanks

    • Hi Mandy, best thing to do is to try to scrub it with clean cool water. Concentrate the scrubbing to the effected area with a small stiff brush. If you have a pot of Barbour Wax, apply a small amount to the area when dry. It may be tempting, but try not use an chemicals or soaps as this can remove the waterproof layer completely.
      Hope you get it off!


    Hi Jess, Merry Christmas, have a mince pie for me!

    I’ve just bought a Barbour Edderton for hiking in the highlands this new years – it’s ricockulously good; however this is my first Barbour and I have a couple of questions concerning the wax that I was hoping that you could help me with my dear:

    Firstly, where the devil can I/we buy new wax to re-waterproof something ourselves? Do you sell to stockists or do we need to order from your website? Do you have a list of stockist available?
    Secondly, as my coat is very very new, the wax seems to be coming off on to my hand, it’s like a clear oily layer. How long will take for the wax to settle on the coat and not transfer in this way. I am wary of hanging it near anywhere near my Cashmir Crombie work coats just in case the oil transfers and ruins them.

    I look forward to your reply,

    Festively yours,

    • Hi Stu, sorry for the tardy reply, your comment went in to our spam folder.
      The Barbour Edderton is a great choice! You can buy Barbour Thornproof Wax from us through this link. Barbour will have a list of stockists on their website too.
      I know what you mean about the excess layer, it usually only takes a few months to settle. You could always try buffing it with a clean cotton cloth to remove the excess. But as you sai, it’s probably best to keep it away frpm cashmire for a little while, just in case!
      Hope you’re enjoying your new Barbour jacket!
      Thanks, Jess.

  15. Hi there,

    I have just received my first Barbour waxed jacket as a Christmas gift. Absolutely love it, but what i have noticed are fine white lines and creases all over, as the jacket is black they do tend to stick out. I can assume its markings on the wax, but since it is brand anyway you can recommend i get rid of these and get that uniform black waxed look.


    • Hi Ricardo,
      Unfortunately that can sometimes be the case on the black wax jackets. A good tip is to keep it somewhere warm for a little while, or take it in the bathroom when you have a hot shower, then when it is slightly warm just give it a buff over with a clean, dry cloth and see if that evens out the wax a little. The wax may have just dried slightly unevenly. I wouldn’t worry though, Barbour wax jackets are supposed to look slightly worn and rustic, it’s part of their character!
      Thanks, Jess.

  16. Hi,

    I have an olive waxy jacket, yesterday whilst putting oil in my car i managed to spill some on my sleeve… any ideas how i can get this off? it has just left a dark looking splodge.

    Thanks, Holly

    • Hi Holly,
      Oh dear, you may struggle with oil as it is not easy to get that off anything. It’s difficult because you can’t use chemicals without jeopardising the waterproof effectiveness of the jacket. However, if it’s a small spot, you may value getting rid of the stain more so than keeping the protective layer. That is your prerogative, depending on how much the stain bothers you. If you do decide to tackle it with a chemical cleaner, make sure to keep it as concentrated to the stain as possible, putting newspaper (or such) underneath and around the area so none of the rest of the garment is affected. Try to even up any colour dicolouration with some Barbour wax, again protecting under and around the area when applying.
      Hope this helps.
      Thanks, Jess.

  17. Hi, I just bought a used Balfour jacket on e-bay (from Italy of all places). It is in pretty good condition, although the lining is dirty and the coat smells (rather like the moth-ridden dead sheep as described above on this page). Having said that (and, yes, it does perhaps say something about me) I tried it on and loved it immediately. I shall give the lining a good sponge and then and airing/febreese treatment as recommended on this site. Actually, the sheepy smell is rather authentic, so I don’t particular care :-).

    My question, though, is regarding the cuffs and pocket edges that are starting to show signs of wear. Can they be reinforced with leather or would you recommend something else? Is it, for instance, possible to buy strips of the same waxed cottong to reinforce the worn areas? I do want this coat to last me for years and years, so was wondering if it is also possible to reinforce the elbows?

    • Hi Albert,
      I can’t say I’ve ever smelt a moth ridden dead sheep, and I’m quite happy about that! Glad you love it though; Barbour’s are supposed to have rustic authenticity aren’t they!
      Barbour actually offer a service where they bind the cuffs, hem and handwarmer pocket edges for just £9.00. Take a look at Barbour Repairs and Reproofing. It may be worth giving them a call and seeing if adding elbow pads is something they can offer too while it is there. They are really helpful and it normally takes around 4 weeks for your jacket to get back to you.

      Let us know how you get on!
      Thanks, Jess.

  18. hi, i have a vintage barbout international and got what i think was coal down one side. i straight away put it in the washing machine without thinking. i put it on a cool delicate wash but it hasnt removed the stains and has made the jacket slightly discoloured in places. i only had this at christmas and it was my favourite, what do you suggest i do?

    • Hi Jo,

      I’d probably try re-waxing your jacket, or sending it off to Barbour for a professional re-proof, as you will have stripped a lot of the wax off in the washing machine. Hopefully, as you only washed it on a cool, delicate wash, you won’t have done too much damage and a re-proof will sort the problem, but Barbour will soon advise you of this if you do choose to send it off to them. As for the coal, try scrubbing it off with a stiff brush and some cool water.

      Hope this helps,

  19. I have a quilted tourer jacket which has a small rip on the sleeve (wire fences have a lot to answer for). Is there any way this can be repaired? I love my jacket and really would like to see it repaired.

    • Hi Jane,

      Ahh we all feel the same indignation for wire fences! Unfortunately Barbour only offer repair services for wax jackets, and not quilted. The only thing I can suggest is doing some research and finding someone who’s a dab hand with a sewing machine.
      Thanks, Jess.

  20. Hi, purchased a Barbour international union jack wax jacket but want to replace the brass poppers/studs with black ones that i’ve seen on other barbour jackets. can this be done.


    • Hi Scott,
      Barbour do offer a service where then can replace studs if they come off, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t alter the colour for you. Give their customer service team a call on: +44 (0) 800 917 3000 to double check, and if they can, they will organise for you to send your jacket to them for this alteration.

  21. Aaron Holloway-Jenks

    I’ve had my mens navy waxed ashby jacket just over a year now and thoughout winter last year (2014) and now, I’ve worn it roughly 2/3 times a week, would you recommend re waxing the jacket or wait until maybe next year?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Aaron,
      Barbour recommend re-proofing your wax jacket around once a year. This depends on the amount it’s worn and the way it is stored though. Only you will know whether your jacket needs a re-wax, you will be able to feel if it is starting to dry out, but ideally you don’t want it to get to that stage. Re-waxing once a year or so will keep the jacket at an optimum waterproof level, but if it starts to feel dry before a year, always treat it asap.

      Hope this answers your question,

  22. I have left my Barbour jacket in the cupboard for many months (big mistake), and recently I took it out again and it got mouldy! I have sponged it with cold water and left the jacket out to dry for weeks. I tried reproofing it with the Barbour wax but the mouldy, musty smell still wouldn’t go away. I have read somewhere on the internet that using a water + white vinegar solution would help to get rid of the smell. Do you reckon it would affect the exterior fabric of the jacket?
    I don’t mind the effort of reproofing it again if that is what it takes…

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    • Hi Pearl,

      The only safe way to clean a Barbour jacket is to sponge them down with cold water and leave it to dry naturally, any other substance used on a Barbour could strip the wax off of the jacket.

      I hope this helps,

  23. Hi have just but my dark blue barber in the shower hot water it has dryed in patches and looks terrible what do I do to get in back looking new only had the jkt 3 weeks

    • Hi Terryalanpowell,

      We have contacted Barbour and they have advised that you can send the jacket back to them to see if their team are able to reproof it, but as it has been in contact with hot water they cannot guarantee that they would be able to do this. The hot water may have stripped the wax from the fabric, which when reproofed would mean that the wax would seep through into the lining of the jacket.
      You can send the jacket back to Barbour via post, or you could bring it into our clothing department to send way for you.

      I hope this information helped a little,
      If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


  24. Hi have a Barbour fog Parker and my nephew was blowing bubbles a and little bit went over my jacket would it harm it was a few drops on the back thanks

    • Hi Allan,

      It really depends on what is in the bubble liquid, if the liquid contains any kind of detergents it could strip the wax off of the jacket.
      The best thing to do is to wait a few hours, possibly even overnight, to see if the jacket has been heavily marked.

      I hope this information was useful,
      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team on 01432 377089

  25. Hi

    Just re-waxed my Union Jack coat and it looks like I may have too much wax on it, its very shiney, although I only did it this morning. Will it be ok after a few days drying or is there a way I can remove some excess wax? I love my coat and will cry if its ruined 🙁

    • Hi Claire,

      We have contacted Barbour and they have suggested two possible options:

      1) You can send the jacket to Barbour’s Repairs and Reproofing Team, where they will be able to put the jacket on their heated reproofing tables and hopefully remove some of the excess wax. You can send the jacket to Barbour via Post, or you can bring the jacket into our clothing store and we can send it off to Barbour for you.

      2) Sponging the jacket down with cold water and a damp cloth.

      I hope this information was useful,
      If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01432 377089


  26. Christopher Lok

    My Beauchamp Jacket is more than 10 years old and had never been re-waxed – my mistake. Plenty of dirty has been accumulated all over the jacket – especially the sleeves. I tried to wipe it down with cold water, but the dirty stubbornly remains. In its present condition, can the jacket be re-proofed at all? Or the new wax will take out the dirt? Your advice will be most appreciated.

    • HI Christopher,

      We have contacted Barbour, and they have advised the following options:

      1) To wipe it down with a sponge and cold water, using anything other than this could damage the jacket.

      2) Barbour have said that you can return the jacket to their Repairs and Reproofing team for reproofing, but they could not guarantee that this would remove the marks, although it may tone them down. You can send the jacket back to Barbour via post, or you could bring the jacket into our clothing store where we could send the jacket off for you.

      I hope this information helped a little,
      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01432 377089

  27. I’ve recently dug up my dad’s old barbour international from the 60s. I’ve cleaned and rewaxed it myself but it still has a bit of that vintage oily/waxed smell about it. I’ve used febreeze on the lining and it worked a treat, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to use on the outer. Do you know if it would damage the wax finish?

    • Hi Tris,

      The recommended way to clean the outside of a Barbour wax jacket is with water and a damp cloth.
      Any other product used may contain detergents that could damage the waxed layer.

      I hope this helped a little

  28. I was bought my first Barbour wax jacket in October 2014. I wore it a fair bit over summer but haven’t worn it at all since April (weather is far too nice!). I’ve never owned a wax jacket before and it’s got a slight white mark on the sleeve. Cold water didn’t do much. However, I’m thinking it’s probably time to get it re-waxed (I’m terrified if I leave it much later, it’ll be too dry or something for Barbour to rewax it!). Do you think the professional rewax will fade the white mark out?
    Also, what am I looking for to see if my jacket is too dry to be rewaxed ever again?? I’m definitely going to be sending it to Barbour rather than doing it myself. Th jacket looks more rustic than when I bought it but I know that’s usual.

    • Hi Lauretta,

      I have spoken to our clothing team and they have told me that they can’t guarantee a re-wax will get rid of the white mark.
      It shouldn’t be too late to send the jacket to Barbour for a re-wax, because it isn’t very old at all. Barbour wax jackets usually need re-waxing about once a year depending on how much you use it.
      What you can do is send the jacket off to Barbour for an evaluation, where they will look at the jacket and tell you what can and can’t be done, this will obviously take time to do depending on how busy they are. They will also tell you if the jacket is too dry (make sure you include all of your concerns in the information you send them).
      You can either send the jacket off to Barbour yourself, or you can pop into our store where we can send it off for you; speak to a member of staff for full details.

      I hope this information was useful,
      if you would like to speak to a member of staff directly give us a call on 01432 377089.


  29. I bought my first waxed barbour last weekend while on vacation. To bring it home, I put it in a my suitcase which missed a connection and sat in an airport for a few days. When I finally got my suitcase back, my brand new barbour was incredibly wrinkled and creased. How can I get the wrinkles out without hurting the jacket/wax/etc.?

    • Hi Scott,
      Barbour advise customers to try to get creases and wrinkles out of their waxed garments by hanging the garment up and using a warm heat setting on a hair dryer along with a sponge on the effected area.

      I hope this helped,
      If you need any further information give us a call and we will try and help further.


  30. Hi

    I bought a Ashby MWX0339NY92 last summer, have been worn periodical since, it is Navy colour, but my issue is that it has started to fade, can this be right?

    • ….and it’s not the issues as I read about above regarding creases and wirkles!

      • Hi Kim,

        It all depends on how the coat has been stored & how often it was worn. When wax dries out it becomes patchy, especially if its stored in a dry room. Barbour advise you re-wax jackets between 12-18 months so it is probably due to be re-waxed.


  31. I think it is very much effectively works and provides spotless clothes, thanks for sharing it.

  32. hi, I have inherited my grandfathers very old Barbour jacket after his passing which is or was at some point a waxed one! He used it for fishing and as he got older and did less fishing the Barbour took up residence in his workshop, it smells pretty bad now! I’m not sure if I would wear and use it but it has incredible sentimental value and I am considering sending it away to be made into a memory keepsake. I don’t want it to be smelly regardless of what I do with it though, any ideas?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Sian,

      The only thing we would recommend for the Waxed jackets is to sponge them down with cold water and allow them to dry naturally.
      In regards to the smell, you could use Febreeze on the lining but making sure the product does not touch the waxed outer.

      I hope this helps,

  33. I have a Barbour from 35 years ago. It needs clean and a re-wax. Am I able to buy the wax in New Zealand? Also can it be washed on a gentle cycle with a wool detergent??

    • Hi Margaret,

      Unfortunately we do not ship products to New Zealand, you would have to contact a local Barbour retailer, or contact them directly on 0800 917 3000

      Regarding cleaning the jacket, you cannot wash a Barbour wax jacket in a washing machine or use any detergents on the material. As a result of doing this you may strip the wax from the jacket, which will damage the jacket. Barbour suggest cleaning the jacket by sponging it down with cold water and allowing it to dry naturally.

      If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01432 377089

      I hope this helps,

  34. Hi, I have a much loved black waxed Barbour jacket. I’ve rewaxed it myself several times in the last 5 years successfully but thought it could do with the professional touch and sent it to Barbour. Now it’s back it is pretty much unwearable:( it’s covered in black goo which gets under your nails and on everything you come into contact with. The jacket wasn’t muddy before I sent it off – I’m a city Barbour fan not an actual farmer. Any advice please?

    • Hi Mel,

      This is normal for a fresh re-wax. The residue should wear off in time.
      The jacket could be hung in a warm room for the wax to dry out.
      If you have any further queries then we advise that you should contact Barbour directly, as they will be able to provide you with more information.

      I hope this helps,

  35. Christina Henriksen

    Hi there,
    Is there any way I can get rid of the oily smell of my jacket? It is really strong and I can’t seem to focus on anything else while wearing my jacket :-/



    • Hi Christina,

      Barbour advise that their waxed jackets do have a characteristic smell that will diminish over wear. They advise customers the following to care for their waxed jackets:

      – You can clean your waxed jacket using a sponge and clean cold water and allowing to air dry in a cold room or outside.

      – You can use a fabric spray such as Febreeze on the inside lining of your jacket to remove any odours.

      – They do not advise customers to have their waxed garments dry cleaned; machine washed or to use a detergent when cleaning as this can cause irreversible damage to the waxed outer and would subsequently mean any wax that is applied to the garment would seep through to the lining and would damage any clothing worn underneath.

      I hope this helps,

  36. How can I remove Barbour wax from shirts and pants? I had my jacket rewaxed by Barbour and wore it right away. Now several shirts and pants have a brown stain!!!!

    • Hi Marlon,

      I can advise you to wash your garments as normal in the washing machine, the wax should remove depending on how much wax is on the items.


  37. When my husband removed his olive green Barbour jacket which he had not worn for about 9 months from the cupboard where it had been hanging on the door i noticed that the side of the jacket that had contact to the door had light streaky marks on it, the pocket, the pocket flap & up from the pocket. The jacket was in mint condition as it is less than two years old & has had very little use.
    What has caused this & can it be restored to the colour of the jacket?

    • Hi Irene,

      If the Barbour Jacket is a Wax Jacket the reason as to why it has become streaky could be due to it being stored in a warm environment – therefore the wax will then become streaky as the customer has stated. We can get the jacket back and send it off for re-waxing if you wish however it would cost a fee to have it re-waxed.

      Kind regards,

  38. Hi
    I bought my first Barbour jacket last year. The inside is a bobbly beige wool fabric.
    This year it is looking grubby but I don’t know how to clean it. I can’t imagine that a cold wet sponge is going to help.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Claudine,

      Unfortunately Barbour wax jackets cannot be washed and the inner lining or fur of the jacket cannot be washed. Below Barbour have provided a guide line which you may find useful:


      Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your garment but removes dust and dirt that can cause premature wear. Regular cleaning also prevents dirt build-up from becoming irremovable stains.

      – REMOVE dried mud, sand and grit as soon as possible especially along inner sleeve seams, as these is abrasive.
      – HOSE OFF or SPONGE WIPE with cold water only. If dirt is ground in, gently brush it off with a soft bristled brush and then rinse.
      – HANG TO DRY naturally and completely for at least 24 hours in a dry, well-ventilated area.
      – REPROOF the entire garment after cleaning.

      Kind regards,

      • I have tried all the above on my red wax jacket, with no joy. My jacket is so grubby that I am actually embarrassed when I wear it. Any further suggestions?

        • Hi Kelly,
          Thank you for your message,
          We’re sorry to learn that the suggested methods have not proved successful with your garment. Regrettably there is no alternative way to revive the condition as this will only damage the jacket more. We suggest referring to the care label, which can be located in the security pocket of your garment, or alternatively contacting Barbour direct to see if they can provide any further advice. We have provided their details below:
          We hope this helps but please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

  39. Hi
    I have a new Barbour wax jacket and I leant on a wall and got paint powder on the sleeve. I used a sponge and cold water to try and get it off, then I used warm water (I hadn’t read that you should only use cold water) now it’s dried it looks a bit lighter/worn on this section. I am so worried I have ruined it, what should I do, and will it be ok? (I didn’t use any detergent at least, thankfully). Should I rewax that patch – I have only had the jacket a few weeks.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Heather,

      We suggest that you have the jacket re-waxed.
      You can either bring the jacket to us and we will send it off to Barbour for you, or you could re-wax the jacket yourself by using a tin of Barbour wax.
      Hopefully this will sort out the problem.

      I hope this helps,

      • Thank you Briannie

        Will the whole jacket need to be rewaxed? the rest is pretty much brand new. Is it possible to just have the section done?

        Many thanks

        • Hi Heather,

          I have spoken to my colleagues and they have said that you can try and re-wax that particular section, however we can’t guarantee that the outcome will be your desired result.
          The best thing to do is bring the jacket to us, or mail it to us, with a covering letter explaining the problem. We will then have a look at the jacket and if we cannot solve the problem, we can send it off to Barbour for an evaluation for you.

          If you would like to speak to a member of staff for more information, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01432 377089.


  40. Hi there,
    I have 2 Barbour wax jackets, unfortunately I am having problems with damp and mould at home. I realise that both jackets started to have a disgusting smell I put them out to air them but again the smell came back and now the have mould all over them! I don’t really now what to do how to clean them and get rid of that horrible smell. So if you can help me that would be amazing!
    Many thanks

    • Hi Mario,

      Unfortunately if the jacket is suffering from mould then there is nothing that can be done to save it.
      You can use Febreeze to remove the smell.
      Sorry we cannot be of anymore help in this situation.

      Kind regards,

  41. Hi I’ve bought a new barbour wax jacket from the barbour shop online, the back of the jacket looks perfect but the front and shoulders look white and dusty/dirty looking, is this normal?

  42. Hi I have just purchased a wax jacket, love it but I am wondering how long does it take the oil/wax on it to dry up/soak in? When i wear it with my bag to school it keeps staining the straps with oil or wax?

    • Hi Henry,

      It is hard to specify as it is dependent on a number of factors such as amount of wear etc.
      It is a wax jacket and having wax rub off on other things is to be expected unfortunately.

      I hope this helps,

  43. Hi, I’ve bought a used Barbour Border on ebay, and whilst it’s in very good condition, it is very waxy smelling. Not quite the mothy dead sheep smell mentioned above and certainly not mouldy, but it’s quite a strong waxy smell that would rub off on other clothes/car seats etc. It’s fine for country walks, or heading to the pub, but probably not idea on the tube or over a suit!

    I’ve given it a good clean in cold water (currently drying) and I will hang it out to air for a few days and Febreeze the lining, however I have a few questions…

    1-I’ve read that you can spray on a 50/50 water and vodka, yes vodka solution to help clean it and get rid of the smell, and then hang it in a bin bag with cotton wool with vanilla essence…is there any truth in this? I appreciate that the only factory approved way is cold water, but if alcohol was going to hurt the fabric in any way, most of the people I know who wear Barbours would have given up on them years ago!

    2-Will reproofing it (either professionally or DIY) actually get rid of the smell? Surely unless you actually get rid of the original source of the smell, you’re just going to seal it in under another layer of wax?

    3-Has anyone had any success with any clothes fresheners on hangers or in pockets?


    • Hi Iain,

      Thank you for getting in contact with us, hopefully we can answer some of your questions:

      1) We have never heard of this method of cleaning, so unfortunately we cannot say if it will work or not. We strongly advise all customers to follow Barbour’s guidelines to cleaning a Barbour jacket, which would be to clean the jacket with a damp cloth and leave to dry naturally.

      2) Re-waxing a Barbour jacket will not get rid of the smell, because this method only re-proofs the jacket.

      3) We have been advising customers for years now on using Febreeze to get rid of odours in Barbour jackets, on a positive note we haven’t had anyone come back to us yet and say that it hasn’t worked.

      I hope this information helps,
      please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01432 377089 if you have any further questions.

      • Thanks Briannie.

        For the lining, I’m very tempted to try some car foam upholstery cleaner…the whole point of this is that it sits on top of the fabric and wicks the dirt/odour up into it, rather than soaking through and making the seat foam (or outer wax part of the jacket) wet. The Febreeze thing is kinda working, but it’s not quite good enough…I want to remove the smell from the fabric, not hide it!

        Will report back…

  44. Hi there I have worn my barber out on boats for many years and it has now got salty which keeps it permanently damp. This seems to have affected the lining. Is there any way I can wash it including the lining to remove the salt?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !
    Many thanks Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      They only suggestion we can give is that you use clean water to clean the jacket, which isn’t really going to do much for the salt.
      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to wash it, as it would ruin the coat.

      Sorry that we couldn’t be of much help…
      If you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01432 377089.

      Kind Regards,

  45. I don’t understand…’Barbour waxed cotton cannot be washed in hot water, dry cleaned or machine washed as this will remove the waterproofing wax and oils which cannot be replaced’ …if I wash the wax (and dirt with it) out of my wax cotton surely it can be reproofed? To reproof it surely the remaining old wax needs getting rid of?

    • Hi George,

      When washed, the wax will seep through to the cotton liner. It will also wash the wax away, which reduces the waterproof nature of the jacket. When re-waxed new layers of wax are re-applied to replace the wax that gradually brushes off and sinks into the coat over time.

      I hope this helps,

  46. Hi. I’ve had my Barbour wax jacket around a month and my girlfriend recently got some makeup on the shoulder. Without thinking I tried to removing it with a small amount of hot water and fairy liquid using a sponge. It has now dried and there is a small colour difference. I’m worried I may have compromised the jacket. Should re-waxing the area cure this? Thanks

    • Hi Alex,

      Unfortunately not a lot can be done about the colouring. Hot water and fairy liquid are definitely not recommended. Re-waxing could be tried, however we cannot say for certain if it will work.
      We recommend for you get in touch with Barbour directly, where they will hopefully be able to solve the problem.

      Kind regards,

  47. Hi there

    I recently re waxed my Barbour jacket as instructed. I just wondered how long the wax took to dry? It’s been 24 hours and it is still greasy in places. An recommendations to speed up process?

    • Hi Mickey,

      It is natural for a Barbour to be greasy in places after a re-wax. You can however rub the patches down with a non linting cloth, this should help reduce the amount of excess wax on the jacket.

      I hope this helps,

  48. Hi, I was given the Barbour tors wax olive coat for Christmas, which I love, but sadly today I brushed up against a wet painted door! Hubby took the coat straight away and scrubbed it with antibacterial wipes, then I used a damp sponge with some washing up liquid on it to scrub it off. Stupidly we hadn’t read the instructions for cleaning first! Needless to say, there is now a pale patch – is it best to buy some wax and try and re proof myself? Terrified that it has been permanently damaged!! Thanks.

    • Hi Perdy,

      Unfortunately the wax is a neutral colour so it won’t improve the colour of the patch.
      The best advice that we can give you in this situation is to contact Barbour directly on 0800 917 3000 and see if they can suggest a solution.

      Kind regards,

  49. Hello

    I’ve had my waxed coat for a year and a half -its my only coat so has had a lot of wear-and it desperately needs a wax as it is no longer water proof. Is there a chance i have left it too long or will a tin of wax return it to its original waterproof wonder?

  50. Hi,

    I have just purchased a Barbour Stockman from ebay. It is 2yrs old and has been worn only 3 times and in dry weather. It still has the very even Sylkoil base coating and had not received it’s first waxing yet due to the extremely light useage by the previous owner.

    I have this evening waxed it (a tough task as a Stockman is a LOT of coat to have to work with!!) although it probably didn’t need it as I said as it looks brand new and has only been worn 3 times in two years.

    If a barbour is waxed and then not worn, does the wax deteriorate over time anyway, and if so (and without useage) when would it need to be re-waxed (if at all) if it has not been worn.

    And finally, how do you store a recently waxed Stockman to ensure best care/practice..

    Thanks for your help.


    • Hi PJ

      A Barbour wax jacket should be re-waxed every 12-18 months, depending on how much you wear the jacket. Don’t worry, the wax will dry after a certain period of time.
      The best way to store a Barbour jacket is to hang it up. If the jacket gets wet from rain, leave it to dry naturally. If the coat gets dirty, then clean it with a cloth and clean water. Do not use any cleaning products that contain chemicals, as this can ruin the waxed layer.

      I hope this information helps,

  51. Have a waxed Barbour jacket, got a small amount of salad dressing on the pocket…can I use cornstarch, and then rinse with cold water? I also am planning to have re waxed at end of winter.

    • Hi Sharon,

      We advise that you only clean a Barbour waxed jacket with a cloth and clean water. Other chemicals can ruin the waxed layer on the garment.

      Kind regards,

  52. Hi there,

    I bought a navy blue waxed jacket on Barbour.com two weeks ago and I love it, the only problem is that it’s all covered in lint (fluff), It doesn’t it stop me from wearing it as it’s very warm and comfy, but it annoys me a bit. What would you recommend? Thank you

    • Hi Priscila,

      I have spoken to our clothing staff and they have advised to contact Barbour directly, hopefully they will be able to inform you on the best course of action.
      Sorry we couldn’t help on this matter.

      Kind regards,

  53. Hi there

    I was just wondering what is the best way to store a Barbour Wax jacket?


  54. Hi, I have a Barbour Liddesdale jacket which is now about 4 years old.
    The jackets has developed shiny patches from sleeve rubbing body, seatbelt etc. Is there any way to remove or reduce this please?

    • Hi Martin,

      Unfortunately there is no way to remove or reduce the patches.
      The only thing that we can suggest is to re-wax the jacket.

      I hope this helps,
      Kind regards

  55. Hi there,

    Can you advise the best way to get rid of just general white dust or small white hairs on a Barbour wax as is seems to attract them and make it look dirty but it’s new?



    • Hi Gary,

      The best way to get rid of the white dust and hair is to use a soft brush.
      We advise that you don’t use a lint roller, just a soft brush.

      I hope this helps,
      Kind regards

  56. I have a quilted Barbour jacket which has discoloured all over the shoulders , looks like scuff marks, patchy and shiny maybe from waering a seat belt, it is only two years old and surely this should not happen. I was thinking of perhaps dying it black again in the washing machine but not sure if this would cover up the patches. I have not noticed anything like this on any other person wearing similar coats and wonder if it is an actual fault with mine?
    Appreciate any advice

    • Hi Carole,

      If it is a quilted jacket we suggest that you try laundering it first.
      Or if you wash it yourself, we suggest you put it in a gentle wash using a wool type setting on your machine.
      It could be from wearing a seat belt, or it could be hair product residue from a handbag (that is if you wear hair product).
      If this doesn’t work, let us know and we will see if we can advise you further.

      I hope this helps,

      • Hello it was worth a try but the washing has not changed the appearance at all, the fabric has gone whitish and very patchy but really is noticeable so it really must be from wearing a seatbelt both as a driver and passenger as over both shoulders. For the amount of money I paid for it this is certainly not expected and as I have said I have never seen this type of wear on anyone else wearing similar Barbour quilted jackets at all ever. I wonder if it is worth contacting the manufacturer to see if they also agree that this should not happen with general day to day wear, appreciate any further advice

  57. I have brought my husband a Barbour microfibre jacket the first time he has gone out in the rain it’s all marked and looks bad can anyone help with what to do ?

    • Hi Shirley,

      This particular jacket is only showerproof, not waterproof.
      If it has been in a light rain then allow the jacket to dry naturally.
      You could launder the jacket, which may improve it.
      Unfortunately this is all we can advise.

      For further advice, we suggest to contact Barbour.
      You can contact them via telephone: 0800 917 3000
      or filling out a “Help and Contact Us” form via: http://www.barbour.com/static/contactus

      I hope this helps,

  58. Hello please could you offer some advice. When I hugged my boyfriend I managed to get my light pink lipstick on it. It seemed to leave a light mark and now after wiping again a light small patch has appeared. He hasn’t had it long so feeling pretty bad :0
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      What did you use to wipe off the lipstick, and did it contain any detergents? The colour difference is probably due to the wax being removed in that area. You can buy a small pot of wax to re-proof it yourself, or you can send it away to Barbour for a professional re-wax. If you need any further advice, please give us a call on 01432 3770889.

      Thanks for contacting us,

  59. Hi, have you got any advice for getting (and keeping) the fluff off my waxed Peninsula Down Coat. It’s brand new but the fluff just sticks to me like I’m a magnet. My black coat is not so black with fluff all over it 🙁

    • Hi Kristina,

      We suggested that you use a soft brush to wipe the fluff off.
      Unfortunately we don’t have anything that will prevent the fluff sticking to the jacket.
      You could contact Barbour directly, and see if they have any further suggestions.
      You can contact them via telephone: 0800 917 3000
      Or their website: http://www.barbour.com

      Kind regards,

  60. I have a red wax Barbour coat which I have had for a couple of years but only worn a few times. The coat is going black in places (especially around the seams) and is losing its vibrant red colour. When I first wore it, I got caught in a heavy rain shower which may have contributed to this. Would re-waxing the jacket bring back the red colour to the places that have gone black / even the colour out again?

    • Hi Clare,

      The coat needs reproofing after 12-18 months as it has dried out. The issue with coloured waxes is that the colour won’t always match. This is an issue for sandstone and bark waxes. The black marks are probably where dirt has built up during wear. Waxing will help the garment giving it a bit more umph! and get it waterproof again but, as the wax is a neutral colour it won’t necessary help with the colour of the coat.

      Thank you for getting in contact,

  61. Julie Willliams

    My son sent you his jacket for reproofing as it had a ‘light patch’ where we had removed wax whilst washing off a stain. We quoted the style number when we sent it.
    He chose it as a present because the style was not heavily waxed. When it was returned it had a thick coating of wax and even after 2 months, if he wears the jacket with a short sleeve t-shirt the wax soaks through to his arms. It really is spoilt by too much wax

    • Hi Julie,

      I’ve spoken to our clothing department about the wax seeping through the jacket as you have described. They’ve informed me that Barbour have said this can happen occasionally on the more lightweight jacket styles. They have told us that this will stop after a while. In the meantime we would recommend trying to remove some of the excess wax by heating it with a hairdryer and removing the wax with a clean cloth or sponge. If the problem does persist please contact us and we can arrange to have the jacket looked at.

      If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

      Kind regards,

  62. I sent my Barbour off to have it re-waxed and I’ve had it back for a about a month now. I have hung it up in my closet to dry, but it doesn’t seem to drying out. Where I live it can get pretty humid, any suggestions on how speed up the drying process?

    • Hi Stacy,

      We advice that you don’t dry out a Barbour wax jacket completely.
      The drier the jacket is then the less effective its protective properties are.
      Your jacket should always have a slightly wet waxy finish.

      Hope this helps

  63. Hi can I wax Barbour hardmarsh jacket it’s 100% cotton thanks

    • Hi Gareth,

      From what we can gather the Hardmarsh Jacket is just a hooded machine washable jacket, not a waxed jacket.
      So unfortunately it cannot be waxed.

      If you have a look inside one of the pockets you might be able to find one of the following:

      LWX or MWX (This means that it is a wax jacket and can be re-waxed)
      LWB or MWB (This means that it cannot be waxed, however you can use Nikwax product to reproof it)

      I Hope this helps,

  64. I’ve found a Bedale A42/170cm in a charity shop a few days ago, smells rather musty, dirt-dirty and worn darkened wrinkles on the front and elbow areas (no dirt, thank goodness!). How do I clean this without the need to use a stiff brush as you say wipe down with a cold wet sponge, but I really can’t believe it would be that effective. Can you advise me step-by-step please. And can I dry in the baking sunshine and the slight breeze we have in Notts., or does it have to be in the shade?

    Oh, one more thing: The sleeves are 4″ too short, can I shortened this on a normal sewing machine?

    Hope to hear from someone shortly. Much appreciated.

    • Good afternoon,

      1) Clean the jacket of any dirt – Barbour jackets cannot be washed in hot water, dry cleaned or washed in the washing machine as these methods will damage your waxed jacket. To remove any dirt you can either wipe it away with a damp cloth or use a soft brush. It needs to be clean before re-waxing in order to maintain a smooth waxed surface.

      2) To get rid of the musty smell you could always spray fabric freshener on the lining of the jacket – Only spray the lining, do not spray the waxed section of the coat.

      3) Dry your jacket – To dry a Barbour jacket you should always leave it to dry naturally, preferably outside in the shade or hung up in a cool room. Harsh sunlight/temperatures may cause discolouration.

      4) Re-wax your jacket – The discoloured patches on the surface of the jacket are most likely to be areas where the wax has worn away. To help improve the appearance of your jacket we suggest that you try re-waxing it. You can either do this yourself, send it to Barbour, or if you are in the area you could bring it in to us where we would then send it away to Barbour.

      Sleeves can be altered on a Barbour, however we always suggest to our customers that they send their garment away to Barbour for any alterations, as heavy duty thread needs to be used on the stitching.

      If you have any questions the please contact us on 01342 377089,
      or you can contact Barbour directly on 0800 917 3000

      I hope this helps,

  65. Kathy Marchetti

    My boyfriend has a black waxed Barbour. We live in Hawaii and just discovered it’s covered in mold. Is there anything we can do to get rid of the mold? Bummer is he’s only worn it for about 2 weeks last time we were in England.

    Thank you,

    • Kathy Marchetti

      I should also say he has a much older version of this jacket that is not moldy at all? We are thinking if it can be saved to store in England. Do you have any ideas for proper storage?

      • Hi Kathy,

        To prevent mould from developing on the jacket we suggest that you store it in a dry, well ventilated and cool place.
        This will stop the jacket from getting damp.

        Kind regards,

    • Hi Kathy,

      Unfortunately mould will develop if the jacket is kept in damp/humid conditions – and as mould is a plant, it will thrive on moisture and sunlight.
      The best solution would be to try and wipe the mould away using a dry lint free cloth. This will also help to wipe away any excess moisture from the jacket.
      If this doesn’t work, then we suggest that you contact Barbour directly via their website: http://www.barbour.com/static/contactus.

      I hope this helps,

  66. I re-waxed my barbour jacket 2 days ago and it is still wet and sticky. I’m not sure if this means there is excess wax? What would you recommend to get the excess wax off and get the coat dry?

    • Hi Emily,

      Your jacket may feel slightly tacky after being re-waxed, but don’t worry, this will only last for a couple of weeks.
      If it is still tacky after a few weeks give us a call on 01432 377089 for more advice on aftercare.

      Kind regards,

  67. My Waxed barbour has a shine on the fabric in certain areas, like the cuffs. Is there an easy way to get rid of the shine? I have it about three years and not rewaxed it, so it’s not a waxing issue. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Fergal,

      We believe that the jacket has gone shiny due to the lack of wax and from contact in high friction areas, however without seeing the jacket we are unable to make an accurate diagnosis.
      Barbour waxed jackets should ideally be re-waxed every 12-18 months, depending on how much you wear it.
      You can either re-wax the garment yourself or send it directly to Barbour.

      If you have any further questions then please contact us via 01432 377089
      Kind regards,

  68. Hi,
    My Barbour is still in good condition although it has faded alot in colour, appearing more grey than black now. Will re-waxing it bring back the colour or just make it waterproof again? If not, is there any way I can dye it to get it back to its fresh black colour?

    • Hi Chelsey,

      Unfortunately a Barbour wax jacket cannot be dyed, as the wax will not allow the dye to soak in. Plus the dye could possibly damage the jacket overall.
      We believe that your jacket has gone a grey-ish colour because it is in need of a re-wax.
      If a re-wax doesn’t improve the appearance of the jacket, then we strongly suggest contacting Barbour directly.

      Many thanks,

  69. Hi I have sylkoil Durham jacket do I re proof with thorn dressing or is there something else not as strong smelling. Thanks

  70. I have rewaxed my Ashby jacket using the Wax Thornproof dressing and it seems to have done the job however as the Ashby is made using sylkoil cotton was it correct to use the wax thornproof dressing or is there something different I should have used.

    Many thanks

  71. I have bought a new barbour ashby olive and am wearing it for two weeks to the office. On two occassions when it was pouring out I’ve let it hang in a cool garage to dry. Now there are spots on the arms that have coloured brownish yellow. How come?

    • Hi William,

      Thank you for contacting us.
      Unfortunately without seeing the jacket we cannot diagnose what has happened to it. If you live locally to Hereford you are more than welcome to bring it in to our store, where a member of staff can examine the jacket.
      If you live too far away, you could always send it directly to Barbour for them to inspect. You can find their details on their website: http://www.barbour.com/uk

      Kind regards,

  72. Hi

    I have a barbour international fibre down padded belted parka jacket and ever since ive taken delivery of it struggled to stop the inner fibre bobbling on the surface through wear.

    Under the airpits is especially tricky to keep bobbly free, so i have to carry a clothes brush in my pocket. Not ideal!

    Is the coat faulty? Or is there a tip to stop the fibre from being pulled out from the inside through friction?


    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not stock the Barbour International range so are unable to provide you with any information regarding your jacket. We would recommend contacting Barbour directly as they will be able to provide you with the information you are looking for, as well as tell you how to proceed if something is faulty.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  73. Hi

    I have a waxed Barbour and some thought it would be funny to tie the sleeves into a not how would you recommend I get the creases out


    • Hi James,

      There are two options to try:

      1) Hang up your jacket in the bathroom whilst washing – the steam from the shower/bath could help ease the creases out.
      2) Re-wax the jacket to give it an even appearance all over – where the jacket was tied up it could have rubbed away some of the original wax, which could cause crease marks.

      If either of these fail to remove the creases, then we suggest that you contact Barbour directly on 0800 917 3000, or via their website: http://www.barbour.com/static/contactus

      Hope this helps,

  74. Virginia Kirchner

    My dog got sprayed by a skunk in his Barbour jacket. I typically through in the was with some baking soap and peroxide and some detergent to get it clean. But that is not recommended. Do I need to toss the jacket? That would be a shame. Please advise

  75. I bought the beattock jacket in a sale and it has white lint/hairs(but not acual hair) on it, how is best to remove them ?

  76. how do I get super glue of my quilted Jacket

  77. Hi,
    I recently purchased a Barbour international jacket in cream, which I absolutely adore but the lower arms have become a little dirty. The instructions say to machine wash on a 30 degree wash but I’m a little scared of doing this. Would I be able to have it dry cleaned ?



    • Hi Tina,

      We sell a variety of Barbour quilted jackets, however we do not stock the Barbour International range. You could wash the garment in the washing machine providing you follow the after care instructions exactly. We suggest that you wash it with plain water only, do not use any washing powder, liquids, or tablets, as this may damage the quilt.

      We also suggest that you contact Barbour directly if you have any further concerns with washing your Barbour jacket.
      You can contact Barbour via telephone: 0800 917 300, or their website: http://www.barbour.com/static/contactus

      Kind regards

  78. Hi, I got the Carribena wax jacket for Christmas and unfortunately I’ve managed to brush against some white satinwood paint. Could you let me know how I can remove this please?
    Many thanks!

  79. Max Odsbjerg Pedersen

    Hi! I’ve just bought a new babour-jacket and a can of wax. The jacket is brand new, but Im very keen on doing my first own waxing. Is there any problem with re-waxing a new jacket?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Max,

      If your jacket is brand new then it won’t need re-waxing just yet, as it should be 100% waterproof. We recommend that you re-wax your jacket every 12 – 18 months (depending how much you wear it). When your jacket starts to look worn in certain areas and has a rough cotton-like texture, then this means it’s time for a re-wax.

      You can watch our step-by-step guide on how to re-wax your Barbour jacket here: https://youtu.be/DwLg1qgr518

      We hope this helps,

  80. Andrew Geoghegan

    Hi Briannie
    I’ve had my Barbour wax jacket for about 2 years now and it’s in need of a good clean ( filthy in other words, cold water just isn’t cutting the mustard, if I send it off for a professional re-wax will it come back looking like new or will it just have fresh wax over a grubby coat?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Andrew,

      Unfortunately you cannot clean a Barbour with detergent etc. only with a damp cloth.
      You can try sending it off to Barbour for a re-wax, however if it is too dirty then Barbour will not re-wax it.
      It is always worth sending it off to see what they say.

      Hope this helps,

  81. Martin Collins

    Hi, wondering if anybody can advise. I re proofed my green Barbour jacket with Barbour Thornproof, following the instructions, but it has turned totally black. I stopped halfway through. Should I now remove the new wax or finish the whole jacket, in which case will it return to green eventually?

    • Hi Martin,

      We believe that the jacket is very dry and has soaked up the wax and gone a very dark green.
      We suggest that you finish waxing the whole jacket, as it will make it the same colour all over.
      The wax cannot be removed once it has been applied to the jacket.
      Once it starts to dry it will look more like green again.

      We hope this helps,

  82. Hi, I must of put my Wax jacket away damp while I moved home and it has mold on it. I cleaned it with cold water and a sponge and that appeared to do the trick but now the weather has started to turn colder and damp ( i live in the lake district ) the mold has started to make a reappearance. Is there is anything you can recommend to remove it please?

    • Hi Lisa,

      The only way to remove mould from your waxed jacket is to clean it with cold water and a sponge.
      To prevent the mould from returning you can hang your Barbour jacket up in a warm room to dry it out. Do not place the jacket near or next to a radiator as this could damage it.
      Before storing the coat away you will need to make sure that it is completely dry to help prevent the mould from returning.

      We hope this helps,

      • Thank you. I have given it a good wipe and hung it out on the sun to dry. I will keep it in a warm room over the winter and just keep a check on it
        Thank you for your help

  83. I am a very great fan of my Barbour collection, unfortunately for some resonance my better half found my duracotton quilted in the car.
    Yes you guest it she put it in the washing machine as it was a bit grubby, he words mine were it’s lived in..
    So as you will know it’s lost its sheen and just looks sad. I have reward my Border and Beaufort over the years but was never sure about the quilt, do you wax them or use something else?
    Kind regards Mal.

    • Hi Malcolm,

      Most Barbour quilted jackets can be washed in the washing machine in temperatures ranging from 30°C and below, using non-biological detergent.
      However, we strongly advise that the provided care instructions should be followed strictly when washing any garment.

      Unfortunately we cannot think of anything that will get the sheen back. You could contact Barbour directly and ask them for further advice:

      Telephone: 0800 917 3000
      Email: customer.care@barbour.com

      We hope this helps,

  84. Does Barbour reccomend Nikwax cotton proof as that is specially made for cotton jackets. But I dont think it lasts as long as the solid wax. Also I think you could easily get away with using boot wax on a cotton jacket too, which has parrafin added to make it spreadable at room temperature. I think you could just brush on bootwax and then go over it with a hair drier to melt in the wax. I think most waxes would work on a barbour jacket.

    • Good afternoon Matchbox,

      We strongly advise that you only use Barbour Thornproof Wax Dressing if it is a Barbour wax jacket, unless the jacket’s care instructions say otherwise. The care instructions can be found on a white label on the inside pocket. The use of other chemicals/sprays on the jacket could damage its waterproofing and appearance.

      We hope this helps,

  85. HI Brianne,

    My Barbour jacket had a large amount of candle wax spilled on it, I was wondering what you would recommend for cleaning? Obviously the standard approaches for cleaning wax off clothes for example parchment paper and a steam iron are not suitable in this instance…I definitely don’t want to risk stripping the base wax layer off the cotton. I want to get the jacket reproofed by Barbour but they explicitly state they do not offer a cleaning service so want to get this sorted before sending it off. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Alex,

      We have contacted Barbour directly and they have advised that you try and pick off as much of the candle wax as you can, and then give the jacket a wipe with clean water and a sponge.
      Hopefully this will remove the majority of the wax from the jacket. However, we cannot guarantee that a mark will not be left, as the hot wax may have damaged the surface.

      Let us know how it goes,

  86. I have a 100% cotton Barbour Autumn Trooper jacket. I’ve had it almost ten years and had plenty of wear from it. It is still in perfect condition but the colour has really faded and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to rejuvenate it so I can get another ten years wear from it.


    • Hi Chris,

      You could try re-waxing your jacket.

      Re-waxing helps to restore your jacket’s waterproof layer, as well as helping to revitalize its overall appearance.
      However, please keep in mind that re-waxing may not restore the jacket’s original colour, but it will help to increase the jacket’s longevity.

      Or, if you think it’s time for a new one, then we are having a 20% Off Sale on Barbour jackets at the moment: https://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/search?searchInput=BARAW17

      We hope this information is useful,

      • Hi Brianne. It’s not a wax jacket though.

        • My apologies Chris,

          I have been in contact with Barbour to see what can be done to your jacket in order to restore the colour, unfortunately they don’t think that there is anything that can be done to the jacket.
          They have suggested that you send them a couple of photos of your jacket so that they can look at the matter further.

          Sorry we couldn’t have been of any further assistance,

          Thank you,

  87. Hi All,

    Just bought my first Barbour jacket and it seems a little dry. Also there wasn’t any tags attached to it.
    I’m wondering should it be nearly moist when first purchased



    • Hi Dale,
      Thank you for your comment,
      Firstly could you tell us which Barbour product you have purchased please? There should be a small white label on the inside of the inner security pocket to help identify the model of garment.
      Furthermore, Barbour have recently introduced Dry Wax to some of their wax garments meaning that there is still a wax coating but without the sticky, moist texture which can sometimes be unappealing.
      We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  88. Hi,

    I’ve just re-waxed mine and my wife’s Barbour jackets as per the instructions on the tin (mine is a brand new jacket, not yet worn, and my wife’s is a year old). That was a few days ago and now both jackets have been left with shiny streaks all over them. I wiped away any excess wax, went over both jackets with a hairdryer and left in a warm room over night as per instructions. Is this supposed to be the finished effect or is there something I can do to get rid of the shiny effect and streaks (maybe try re-waxing again??). Any help or advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

    • Hi Luke,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We’re sorry to learn that your Barbour Jackets have been left with these shiny streaks. Please note that Barbour Wax Jackets are only meant to be re-waxed every year, if in heavy use, or up to 2 years with light use. As your jacket is brand new, there should be no need to re-wax this early unless there is clear signs of perish in areas as you will only be applying more wax over the current wax leaving a thick, shiny coating. We advise leaving both coats to dry for a few more days as it can take some time for wax to set.
      We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us back.

  89. Any other tips on getting creases out of my barbour beadnell was Jacket? Would I be able to iron it inside out on a low heat and a towel over it. Hanging it in the bathroom when showering isn’t really helping and re-waxing hasn’t made them drop out either

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We strongly advise against using an iron on your wax jacket at all as this will damage the garment permanently. It can be quite painstaking to remove the creases but we can only advise perhaps repeating the process of hanging it in a warm area for longer to see if there is any further improvement. Furthermore if this continues to fail then we advise contacting Barbour directly to obtain further aftercare advice. We have provided their details below:
      We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us back.

  90. I have a quilted cotton wax Barbour jacket which I sent to Barbour for rewaxing. They said that because of the quilting stitches it couldn’t be re-waxed which seems like a major design flaw. I’m tempted to give it a go myself and test on a small area first. Any tips?

    • Good morning Stephen,
      Thank you for your comment,
      If Barbour have informed you that the garment cannot be rewaxed then we strongly advise against attempting it yourself. Due to the stitching creating holes in the garment, we would be under the impression that the wax would just seep straight through and a protective wax layer would not be formed. If you would like further advice in regards to the maintenance of your jacket then we suggest contacting Barbour to see if they can provide any additional help to maintain the quality of your jacket. We have provided their details below:
      We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us back.

  91. Hello I purchased a Beaufort for a 2 week holiday and wore it with my favourite heavy duty chinos for the most part. By the end of the trip I noticed that the top half (belt hoops, front and back pocket area etc) of my pants have been stained greenish-black. I initially thought it was the tartan that rubbed off but realised it was the wax cotton. I couldn’t wash the stains out of my trouser and am afraid of wearing the jacket again for fear that it would ruin other trouzers. I’m wondering if others face the same issue? And how can we remove the wax from other clothing?

    • Hi Shem,
      Thank you for your comment,
      We’re sorry to learn that wax has transferred from your jacket to other items of clothing. Unfortunately this can be quite common due to the wax being very fresh therefore it has not fully set into your jacket. Washing your items of clothing as normal should remove the wax depending on the amount of wax transferred therefore they may require more than one wash. Over time the wax will become less moist therefore we advise to take care, at the moment, when wearing your jacket as it will eventually stop transferring wax with more wear.
      We hope this helps but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance. 🙂

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  93. Hi, I had my barb our jacket hanged up and it got damp and now has mould/damp patches all over it, can this be removed?


    • Good morning Bert,
      Thank you for your comment,
      We’re sorry to hear that mould has developed on your Barbour jacket. The only safe way to clean a Barbour jacket is to sponge them down with cold water and leave it to dry naturally, any other substance used on a Barbour could strip the wax off of the jacket. To prevent the mould from returning you can hang your Barbour jacket up in a warm room to dry it out. Do not place the jacket near or next to a radiator as this could damage it. Before storing the coat away you will need to make sure that it is completely dry to help prevent the mould from returning.
      We hope this helps however if the problem persists, then we strongly advise contacting Barbour Customer Care for further guidance. We have provided their details below:

  94. Hi my Barbour Bedale jacket has paint spots on it, I have re waxed the jacket and it is slightly better. Is there any other suggestions?

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We’re happy to hear that you are satisfied with the re-waxing of your Barbour jacket. I’m afraid it is incredibly difficult to remove marks such as paint spots and the only advice we would give would be to work the area with a cold damp sponge. However by doing this you would be removing the layer of wax and therefore would require another re-wax so this method would have only been suitable prior to a re-wax. If you are concerned about the paint spots then we advise contacting Barbour direct to see if they can offer an alternative solution. I have provided their details below:
      We hope this helps but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance! 🙂

  95. My Barbour Jacket has developed what I can only describe as scratch marks on one side. The jacket is green and the scratch marks are a lighter green/yellow. Do you have any idea how it would have got these and how to get rid of them! The jacket is only a few days old so pretty upset !

    • Hi Dan,
      Thank you for your comment. We’re sorry to learn that your jacket has developed some markings, we can only assume the scratches have gone through the wax layer exposing the cotton below however we cannot be certain. We strongly advise contacting Barbour directly to see if they can advise whether this is a defect with the garment. We have provided their contact details below.
      We hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

  96. I bought a second hand Barbour cheaply off eBay, it smelt quite musty, so I went against the advice of Barbour and tried the tip of someone on another forum and put it in a COLD machine wash, no spin & WITHOUT any detergent and hung it out to dry, it seems to have done the trick. I would not have done this if it was a full price one though!

    • Hi Teally,
      Thank you for your comment, it’s great to hear that you have managed to restore your Barbour Jacket to a good condition although we do strongly advise against this method for all wax jackets. We would suggest monitoring the wax layer on the jacket as this may have stripped during the wash therefore losing the waterproofness of the jacket and you may find it difficult to reproof again.
      We hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us back if we can be of any further assistance! 🙂

    • I did the same, bought a ridiculously cheap Beaufort on ebay but it smelled very musty, like it had been in a loft for twenty years ! which is possible as it’s a 24 year old jacket, so anyway, i agonised for a while then decided to wash it, inside out, on a short, luke warm wool wash with a hint of soap but i found that when it came out, the jacket smelt more musty than when i put it in.
      My reason for washing it was more to do with the lining though, it was pretty grubby & this has improved no end.
      I have a heated drying room so i shall leave it in there for a few days to thoughly dry & then reproof it, it should be fine, especially as i only wanted it for walking the dogs.

  97. Hello,
    Im not able to find any information about how to store a Barbour jacket (in my case Beaufort and Bedale) during the summer, or when not used. Is it ok to leave them on a hanger for a few months?
    Im worried they will stretch with gravity 🙁
    Thank you for your answer!

    • Hi Ivana, thank you for your comment.
      The jacket will not stretch when left on a hanger so it is safe to do this during the summer months. We advise keeping it away from direct sunlight, radiators and other clothing just to prevent the wax from drying or transferring onto other clothes.
      If you would like any further advice then we suggest contacting Barbour Customer Care who will happily assist with your query. I have provided their details below:
      We hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

  98. I bought a Barbour 2 weeks ago. Today was the 4th time I wore it and unfortunately i was caught in heavy down pour. Now the jacket looks like it has bleach marks all over it. Any ideas on what to do?

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thank you for your comment. We’re sorry to hear that your Barbour has developed some marks. Without seeing the jacket we would presume that these are water marks which can be easily removed by sponge wiping the garment with cold water. If the marks show no signs of clearing then we advise contacting Barbour as this might be an underlying fault but we cannot confirm this. I have provided their details below:
      We hope this helps but please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. 🙂

  99. Hi

    I have a waterproof breathable Barbour jacket. Been out this evening and it smells strongly of smoke. Is there anyway to clean this. Can I put it in washing machine?don’t want to ruin it as brand new for Xmas!



    • Good morning Sara, thank you for your message.
      Providing the garment is not a wax jacket, you should be able to wash it. There should be a care label in the inside pocket with the appropriate care instructions for your jacket. If you are still unsure then we advise contacting Barbour directly for further information, I have provided a link below:
      We hope this helps but please do not hesitate us if we can be of any further assistance. 🙂

  100. wow.very informative article.rhanks

  101. Hi I have some make up / foundation I think on the arm of my wax jacket and I’m struggling to remove it with cold water is there a trick I’m missing?
    Thanks Russ.

    • Hi Russell, thank you for your comment.
      We’re sorry to hear your wax jacket has had an encounter with some makeup! Regrettably there is not much more you can do to remove the stain besides damping the affected area with cold water and a cloth. You could try using a stiff brush to agitate the area and hopefully lift some of the stain but please avoid at all costs resorting to using a washing machine as your jacket will be stripped of its’ wax coating completely and may prove difficult to reproof.
      If this continues to show no signs of improvement then we advise contacting Barbour directly to obtain further aftercare advice. We have provided their details below:
      We hope this helps and if we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us back.

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