A brief guide to Barbour quilts

The Barbour quilted jacket has grown into one of fashions must have items, and the range has evolved from a few styles a couple of years back to contain hundreds of different cuts, colours and finishes. Which garment is for you is down entirely too personal preference, but here we attempt to give you a rundown off some of the more technical difference between them.

The classic diamond quilted jacket is the signature piece of the Barbour quilted jacket range. Essentially the jackets, which come in dozens of different cuts, features a nylon outer shell, medium weight wadded stuffing, and generally a nylon lining and will make anybody wearing them really stand out for the right reasons.

They are a great all year round option, being warm but not too warm. The Liddesdale Jacket and Ladies Shaped Liddesdale are the best sellers in this style, which you will of seen worn on high streets up and down the country, with the people wearing these jackets wearing them with pride because of the outstanding quality that Barbour jackets tend to stand for.

The polarquilts are for those that feel the cold and these jackets are the ideal upgrades on the classic diamond quilts described above.  Available in a range of similar cuts to the classic diamond quilts, they feature a fleece lining in addition to the quilted wadding. The only down side to these is that they definitely aren’t a summer jacket.

The flyweight quilts are going in the opposite direction to the polarquilts, as the flyweights are super lightweight versions of the classic diamond quilts, designed to be light enough that you can keep looking stylish by wearing your Barbour in the summer months, with just enough weight to keep you warm on a chilly summer evening.

The down Jackets and waistcoats are jackets that make up the seriously super warm and cosy part of the range.  Generally featuring a combination of duck feather and down stuffing and they are ideal on the types of really cold days we had last winter, which seemed to get worse by the day and go on forever.  By the nature of the stuffing, they are of the more padded styles, but thanks to the unique and naturally breathable properties of down are very comfortable to wear.

All of these variations in weight are available in different styles across the Barbour range, from some very daring fashion items featuring the International logo as part of the Barbour Heritage range, to perhaps more conservative and traditional styles in the classic and lifestyle ranges.

Barbour jackets are all about quality and sophistication, offering a superb return on investment when it comes to clothing and durability. These jackets are made for the journey, guaranteeing a jacket that is going to last for a long time no matter what your lifestyle is and how and where you plan to wear it.


John Jones in Managing Partner at Philip Morris & Son. As a keen driven game shooter he takes a hands on role in selection and development of the Philip Morris & Son Country Clothing range. With a combination of technical, industry and user knowledge this puts John in a unique position to share his knowledge of the best and worst products available.

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