10 Reasons You Should Buy a Soup Maker…

Morphy Richards Soup MakerTop 10 reasons you NEED a Soup Maker in your life!

I have to admit, that when I was asked to try out the new Morphy Richards Soup Maker, I was a little sceptical at the point. Soup is so incredibly easy to make anyway, why would you need a soup maker? But after a measly 5 minutes chopping/preparing, and 20 minutes drinking tea (while the soup maker did its thing), I stand corrected! Not only does it make soup unbelievably easy to conjure, it saves on washing up and frees you up for 20 minutes to do other things without having to check back at all (perfect dog walking, hair washing or tea & cake time!).

I find soup easy to make as I have always made it, but to some the idea of making soup from scratch is quite daunting, complicated and time-consuming. The soup-maker gets rid of all those worries.

My first experience saw me making Sweet Potato & Red Pepper soup. I kind of made it up as I went along, so I’ll share the recipe with you, it turned out absolutely delicious (if I do say so myself)! Find the Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup Maker Recipe here.

This Morphy Richards Soup Maker has a 1.6 l capacity, giving you about four good bowlfuls of soup (although they say it feeds up to 6, it wouldn’t be enough for me!).

So why buy a Soup Maker? Here’s our top 10 reasons:

  1. Mind over matter – yes soup is simple to make anyway, but how often did you really make it? The thought of just having to throw some chopped up veggies in to one pot, press a button and forget about it, makes you more inclined to actually make it.
  2. Saves on the washing up – Instead of a frying pan, pot, blender and spoon to clean, ALL you have to do is wash out the jug and the blade! Oh, and the knife you used to chop up the veg!
  3. Really, and I mean REALLY, quick – Chop, press a button and twenty minutes later voila, a healthy meal.
  4. Money saver – You can easily make a week’s worth of lunches from one batch, which saves you loads of money on those expensive trips to M&S on your lunch break.
  5. Healthy – Homemade soup is so unbelievably good for you, you know exactly what’s in it and its not packed full of preservatives, additives, sugar, salt and other nasties you can often find in shop brought soup. It can give you an instant injection of those all-important nutrients from the fresh ingredients you choose to use. Particularly good for those trying to eat healthier, as soup is a renowned low calorie lunch that manages to stop you feeling like you could still eat a small child.
  6. Less waste – In the UK we waste 8.3 million tonnes of food every year. Soup is the perfect way to use up left over food and minimise your wastage. Just chuck it in the soup maker and see what happens!
  7. Keep it simple – With our increasingly busy lives, it’s important to keep things simple and this nifty contraption couldn’t be simpler. Prepare, plop in, press a button and p-relax…!
  8. Save space – Every kitchen struggles for space, the soup-maker is sleek and compact and fits away neatly even into the smallest of cupboards. It certainly takes up less space when cooking than a big soup pan, and a blender.
  9. A Dream to Clean – Although not dishwasher safe, the soup-maker only requires a quick soapy wash. Run the orange section of the lid & blade under warm water and wipe with a sponge, then repeat with the inside of the jug.
  10. Diverse – First off, you can choose to have your soup chunky or smooth, or you can ‘pulse’ it yourself to a desired texture. But you’re not just resigned to soup, oh no! Your soup-maker can also make smoothies & milkshakes!

You can also read our Top Tips for getting the most out of your Soup Maker blog, for the best tips on usage and safety when using your favourite new gadget!

Find the Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup Recipe here.

Soup Makers at Philip Morris and Son


I am the Manager of the Cookware department at Philip Morris and Son. I will be keeping an up to date journal of my personal experiences with the kitchen appliances that we sell. Here you will find useful information on how to use your kitchen equipment efficiently, along with very tasty (yet experimental) recipes.


  1. I own a saucepan and a hand held blender. £10 for both. Lazy people

    • agree!!! and more cupboard space needed for yet another gadget that only does one thing. There’s nothing wrong with just good old cooking! And it is sensory, you get to smell the food while it cooks, test it, season as you go.

    • I agree. I can’t really see what all the fuss is about. I only use one saucepan & a fabulous Bamix blender. I can also make far more than just 6 servings so I always freeze it and keep it handy.
      Far more practical.
      You still have to chop the veg for a soup maker, so what are you saving?

    • Pauline Mycock

      good for you my mother who is 89 fings it difficult to hole her hand blender that is why she has one nothing to do with being lazy

      • Pauline Mycock

        sorry about spelling my mother who is 89 finds it difficult to hold her blender and its safer for her to use this and not saucepan and hob

        • I’m 75 with rheumatoid arthritis so hands not great.Im toying with buying one but live alone and after watching and reading reviews I dont think I’ll bother,they a ppear to be like a bierko.

    • No the point of being lazy ,as for me im out for 12 hours a day most days so ive really very little time or energy left for that matter , no one’s forcing you to buy one are they ?

  2. Got this as a present, it’s wonderful!

    It allows me to be very creative, I just make up combinations and they all come out delicious.

    It saves money and reduces food waste through me being able to check in odds and ends, and make something delicious with the chunky mode

    Following recipes is a dream, it turns arduous into achievable.

    Soup makers are useful for keen cooks , students, busy parents, and kitchen newbies

  3. My mum has been wanting to get a soup maker for the longest time. Sending this to her. Thanks!

  4. Kathie
    Just made my first batch of sweet potato and red pepper. Delicious. Half left over for reheating( in pan) for tomorrow. Looking forward to smoothie from garden fruit in the summer.

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