Morphy Richards Soup Maker – Top Tips

Morphy Richards Soup Maker at Philip Morris and Son

Top Soup-Maker Tips:

  • Try to prepare your ingredients in advance as much as possible. Most recipes are simply ‘chop & plop’ so it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re in a real rush you could always pick up pre-chopped vegetables from your supermarket.
  • It’s always best, and most efficient, to boil the water used for the stock or liquid addition just before adding it to the soup-maker. If you use water straight from the tap, you may find some vegetables aren’t quite cooked when the soup’s ready, especially if the vegetables are cumbersome or tough. Starting with hot stock gives it a better chance to add more flavour and taste.
  • Chop your ingredients into small pieces, especially tough veggies such as potatoes, carrots, squash and turnip. This allows the vegetables to fully cook in the short soup maker cycle.
  • Ensure the lid is placed fully on and secure.
  • Make sure all meat that goes into the soup maker is pre-cooked. Soup makers do not have long enough settings to cook your meat.
  • Due to the starch and sugars present in some foods, a slight burning may occur if they are placed in direct contact with the inside base of the jug. To prevent this, add half a cup of water or stock to the Soup Maker before placing in any solid ingredients. Then top up with the remaining liquid specified in your recipe.
  • If you plan to use anything frozen, make sure the ingredients are fully thawed first. There may be damage to the blade if content is still frozen. (Using frozen fruit for your smoothies or milkshakes should be okay though.)
  • Do NOT open the lid during cooking. If you do you may find yourself splattered with very hot liquid.
  • Follow your manufacturer’s minimum and maximum guidelines. The Morphy Richards Soup Maker jug has these clearly marked on the inside of the jug.
  • Do not submerge either part (lid or jug) of your soup maker fully in to water when cleaning. These contain electrical components that can be damaged by water.
  • Take time to have a good read of the Morphy Richards instruction manual to help ensure longevity and optimum use.

Morphy Richards Soup Maker in Action


  • NEVER fill your soup maker outside of the minimum and maximum fill levels.
  • Do NOT immerse any parts of your soup maker fully in water.
  • Keep soup makers and kettles away from the edge of counters to avoid them being dragged over the edge, especially if you have children.
  • Do not be tempted to open the lid during cooking. Although designed to cut out, the soup maker contents may still splash over you.
  • Don’t attempt to use the soup maker to warm up pre-packaged or shop bought soup. It’s designed to make perfect soup from scratch and anything else may burn to the base of the element, causing damage to the product. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised!
  • Finally, it goes without saying, NEVER touch the serrator blade. Always be careful when handling and cleaning the blade element of the soup-maker.

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I am the Manager of the Cookware department at Philip Morris and Son. I will be keeping an up to date journal of my personal experiences with the kitchen appliances that we sell. Here you will find useful information on how to use your kitchen equipment efficiently, along with very tasty (yet experimental) recipes.


  1. Hi I’ve used my soup maker a few times but my veg soup only came out nice twice. Veg was still hard. I’ve tried putting hot stock in first but it seems to cut off before end of timer as if it’s too hot. Tried putting cold water in at start too and veg is still hard.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      I have spoken to our Cookware department, and they have advised that you return the soup maker back to the store in which you purchased it from.
      If you bought the soup maker from us you can return it via post or by personally delivering it back to our store. However, when returning this item to us please make sure that you have a proof of purchase and proof that it is still within its 12 month warranty. This should all be displayed on your till receipt or your confirmation email.

      Kind regards,

  2. When i put fruit in my morphy richards soup and smoothie maker
    It never blends all my fruit always big chunks in the drink still any help ????

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